WVH Coaching Hot Seat Update

WVH Coaching Hot Seat Update

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 4, 2009
  • Coaching Hot Seats, Frank Yallop, Jason Kreis, Juan Carlos Osorio, Schellas Hyndman, Tom Soehn
Somehow this man still has a job. (Getty Images)

Somehow this man still has a job. (Getty Images)

In light of Kansas City dismissing manager Curt Onalfo yesterday evening, I figured it was high time I updated my coaching hot seat look once again. Funny thing was yesterday I was already set to work on this and got caught up in something else, by the time I went back into it last night the news came down about Onalfo.

And yes, if you are wondering he was going to be on the list.

But looking at the rest of the sack race here I figure it is easier to break things up into a couple different groups. See we all figure coaches with clubs near the bottom of the table need sacked but in the case of a couple teams, that just won’t happen, at least not this season. In other cases there are a couple coaches that should feel some heat based on how their clubs are doing and based on pre-season expectations placed on them. Lastly, there is a group that just needs to go and saying that it really could be just a matter of time.

As always if you think I am missing on any coach below or think I need to add another to a certain group, feel free to post below.

The Heat Is On But They Don’t Mind

In this group we have two coaches that very well have every right to be fired (except based on this past weekend’s results for each). Of course I am speaking of FC Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman and San Jose Earthquakes coach Frank Yallop. Each have lead their club to a fairly unsuccessful campaign so far and up until the thrashings they put up this past week each side had little to be gitty over this season.

Neither seem to be under any sort of pressure from their ownership. Hyndman for one pretty much has the job security that anyone would want these days. Most around Dallas view that the job is his for however long he wants to keep it. In San Jose it may be a little different for Yallop but I don’t see GM John Doyle parting ways with Yallop anytime soon. We’ll talk this time next season if things haven’t changed out there and the club is still near the bottom of the pecking order.

Feeling Some Heat

This category is a bit different, its for those that aren’t expected to get a pink slip today but could down the line if things don’t turn out like expected. Based on high pre-season expectations and some owners that like to stay active with their clubs I see two coaches that could feel some heat if things don’t go as planned. Now this category will get me some heat and I know that but if you strip emotion out of things for a second and think about it, these two guys do have rights to be on this watch list.

Tom Soehn (DC United): I put Soehn on here yet again for a number of reasons. While DC has enjoyed a decent campaign so far this year, a lot still hasn’t gone very well. With a 6-4-10 record, one could say that United are just slightly above average. Being one of the worst clubs in the league when it comes to keeping a lead and coming up lame at home in the CCL play-in round last week could get Soehn in some hot water if his club doesn’t turn things around. A lot will depend on if his club can get into the group stage of the CCL and how far DC goes in the MLS Playoffs this year in regards to his job status this winter. I think he is safe for now but there is definitely some heat there in DC.

Denis Hamlett (Chicago): One guy that not a lot of folks will want to see on here is Hamlett. I put him here because his club continues to confuse me. Very good on the road but very below average at home. I know he has had to deal with injuries to key guys, along with loads of international call-ups this season but who hasn’t here? Chicago has all the talent to win MLS Cup this year but with home play against strong clubs the way it is one has to worry about their chances. Don’t worry Fire fans, the heat is low but if you base things on expectations and things don’t pan out, then you should be worried.

Pink Slip Coming Soon

Last and certainly not least is the category that is pretty self explainitory. Most of you know who will be in this category but some of you will not like one of the coaches mention here. For months I got a lot of negative comments over placing KC’s Onalfo on the coaching hot seat based on not getting his club to progress the way people thought they should, well the same story is going on elsewhere in the league.

Jason Kreis (RSL): I put Kreis on here for a reason, like Onalfo his club really hasn’t progressed at all during his time. Sure he got them to the playoffs a season ago but their record wasn’t a thing at all to brag about (10-10-10). The same old story has been here this season, good for the most part at home, yet terrible on the road. I think Kreis can be a good coach in this league since he grew up in the system and knows how it works. I just don’t see him progressing any further in Salt Lake at this point. I don’t see him getting the boot during this season unless they start dropping games like flies. If they fail to reach the playoffs I think the ownership will have to take hard look at where this club is going with Kreis.

Juan Carlos Osorio (New York): Yeah this one really does go without saying. A lot of people wonder why he hasn’t been canned yet. Well it is simple, the ownership at the Energy Drink is waiting to see how the club does in the CCL play-in round. I think a lot depends on if they progress forward in that competition before they let Osorio go. If they do progress I don’t see him getting fired until after the MLS season is over. With little to play for it doesn’t make sense on spending money to get another head coach in there now. More than likely he will finish out the rest of the season with the club and be let go after that.