Dallas Gives Reasons For Passing On Szetela

Dallas Gives Reasons For Passing On Szetela

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 16, 2009
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Kudos to Buzz Carrick for getting these quotes from FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman. Many questioned Dallas’s approach to yesterday’s allocation of Danny Szetela since the Texan side had the top allocation spot in the league’s order.

As we all know Dallas passed on Szetela instead of even working out a deal with DC United, the club who had been reportedly very interested in the 22-year old midfielder before being allocated. Dallas didn’t pick Szetela to get a trade with DC for anything and in return kept their top spot and stayed empty-handed in many folks’ eyes.

The passive nature of the non-selection questioned many but Hyndman did have his reasons.

Sure.  We had the #1 allocation spot, so when Danny [Szetela] became available, this was probably about two weeks ago, we thought it through quite well and made a decision today that he’s a very good player but it’s probably not in our most immediate needs.  We though that it may be better for us not to take him.  It may be something else may come down the road.

I don’t know… I hate to play games like that.  A lot of people may say it’s the way to do it.  But what happens if DC doesn’t come after him?  And what happens if we’re in a situation where we have another central midfielder?  We’re gonna have to let somebody go off the roster.

And not giving information away till it’s done, but we have other things that we’ve been planning.  It might upset that whole process.

I know Carrick was pretty upset at Dallas for passing on the midfielder. Couldn’t blame him in the least bit. But as we’ve seen in the past out of this club you could nearly trade anything with them for a box of Oreo’s and they’d be satisfied.

I still hold a belief that Dallas will not use their allocation spot at all this year and in return lost the positioning next year when Philadelphia enters the league.

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    Sztela will blend well with DC.

  • Sztela will blend well with DC.