WVH Power Rankings: Week 14

WVH Power Rankings: Week 14

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 23, 2009
  • 2009 Week 14, MLS Power Rankings

Week number 14 is in the books and honestly this was a tough week due to the lack of in-league games played. Only a few clubs saw league action this week while others were on break for SuperLiga or in Toronto’s case for the final match in the Canadian Cup against Montreal.

Due to that and the couple draws this week we ended up not seeing a whole lot of movement in the order here. Just one big jump that may be a bit much for some folks. For me I have no problem moving Colorado to where they are right now. With the amount of games in hand right now that they have and the number of upcoming home games on the menu we should see this club pile on some points.

Team Rank (Last Week) Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 8-2-4 28 pts. Probably should have won at home over RSL but no need to even consider dropping them for it.
2 (2) 8-4-3 27 pts. Off in league play to SuperLiga. They lost 2-1 to Tigres due to a red-card and some sloppy play.
3 (7) 5-2-5 20 pts. I may be too quick to move the Rapids this high but I believe they are a true dark-horse in this year’s race.
4 (3) 5-3-8 23 pts. Not gonna knock them too much for losing on the road in Colorado. That place has been a death trap to them for a decade now. But they showed a lot of grit in the come back in Seattle.
5 (5) 5-3-6 21 pts. I think their time in SuperLiga will help bounce this club back into motion here in a good way. The win over San Luis was a quality one at that.
6 (6) 5-3-7 22 pts. Their defense is letting them down too much right now. To be honest they should have had six points this past week, not two.
7 (4) 4-3-7 19 pts. Dominated for 70 minutes but once Dallas fielded some young players with more energy this club went south quick.
8 (8) 5-5-4 19 pts. Amazing turn of events last week to see this club win 6-1 over Montreal to capture their first Cup.
9 (9) 5-5-4 19 pts. Looked pretty good in SuperLiga play. And congrats to Davy Arnuad for the Gold Cup preliminary call-up.
10 (10) 4-4-4 16 pts. Team breaks for SuperLiga and gets a quality result. Hopefully for their sake they rest Taylor Twellman through this tournament. No need to get him hurt in a meaningless event like this.
11 (11) 4-6-4 16 pts. Nice road point in Houston. But little meltdowns in the back are hurting this club in a big way.
12 (12) 2-3-9 15 pts. It’s official, this club really needs Landon Donovan.
13 (13) 3-7-4 13 pts. Finally we see some of Dallas’ younger players play and what do you know, a quality results comes from it.
14 (14) 3-8-3 12 pts. Good win over the Galaxy but not enough to move them up this week. Face it that wasn’t a win to get overly excited about here.
15 (15) 2-10-4 10 pts. This weekend just made things more official in the standings. They are officially the worst club in the league. Like you didn’t know that already.
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    What, what a terrible season for Red Bull. I still think DC has enough to get to the championship game once they enter the playoffs.

  • What, what a terrible season for Red Bull. I still think DC has enough to get to the championship game once they enter the playoffs.