WVH Power Rankings: Week 12

WVH Power Rankings: Week 12

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 9, 2009
  • 2009 Week 12, MLS Power Rankings

As some of you may have seen last night in on one of my Twitter updates, I said there wasn’t going to be a whole lot of movement in this week’s power rankings. For the most part we did see some shifts in the middle though but the top and bottom three clubs remained where they were a week ago.

I won’t lie I was tempting once again to move Houston to the top spot because I think they are clearly playing the best soccer of anyone in the league right now but I will give Chivas credit where it is due for bouncing back like they did after the loss to Chicago with a win over Seattle.

Down below I didn’t get overly excited about last week’s results with San Jose and Dallas winning. Their game Sunday in Frisco showed me exactly why they are two of the worst three clubs in the league right now. Plenty of potential to be decent but in some ways it is coaching issues and other ways it is just roster issues.

Two clubs to keep an eye out here though are Colorado and Columbus. Both are looking dangerous right now. I may even throw in New England to that mix once I see their offense against a better defense (New York isn’t that good of a barometer of how well their offense is doing right now).

And two other clubs to keep an eye on when it comes to falling down the list right now are Toronto and Seattle. TFC has had issues for a while now and are probably in their summer funk. Seattle on the other hand is interesting as they haven’t really played all that great in the last month or so. I’m very interested to see how Sigi Schmid gets his club back on track here because I see them sliding down this list even more so in the coming weeks.

If you have any comments on the rankings below, feel free to leave them.

Team Rank (Last Week) Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 8-2-3 27 pts. The top dog remains the top dog. But for how much longer? Big time match with Houston on the horizon will really tell us about this club I think right now.
2 (2) 6-2-3 21 pts. The Orange have taken 19 of a possible 21 points since mid-April. That’s just doin’ work son.
3 (3) 5-2-6 21 pts. Weird that this club just can’t win like they do on the road. How can you be 4-0-3 on the road but just a weak 1-2-3 at home?
4 (5) 4-2-5 17 pts. Quietly this club continues to grab points both at home and on the road. I really like what I am seeing out of them these days.
5 (6) 4-2-7 19 pts. DC needed that home game against New York to get back on track. Let’s see if they can keep it up though.
6 (4) 4-3-5 17 pts. Are we starting to see the true expansion side come out in this club? Last month or so hasn’t been all that great from this bunch after that great first month.
7 (8) 3-2-7 16 pts. Even with a slightly banged up roster here the Crew are looking like their championship self here. Guillermo Barros Schelotto is easily a front-runner for league MVP right now.
8 (10) 4-3-4 16 pts. Taylor Twellman is back baby and so is this club. No doubt in my mind this club will be in the thick of things late this season.
9 (12) 2-1-9 15 pts. A win on the road without Landon Donovan is a big thing for this bunch. Give credit where it is due to Bruce Arena here, he is getting just enough out of this bunch to make them interesting here.
10 (7) 4-5-4 16 pts. Again I’ll keep saying it, this club is just missing a piece or two that could make them really good.
11 (9) 4-5-4 16 pts. Bad stretch of 3 games (two league games and one Canadian Cup) may have changed their entire season for the worst.
12 (11) 3-4-3 12 pts. Some changes need to come sooner rather than later for Jason Kreis’ bunch.
13 (13) 2-6-4 10 pts. Some better play from this bunch but still not enough to move them at all. There was no reason to get overly gitty about that Chicago win folks.
14 (14) 2-7-3 9 pts. The Quakes were missing a big chunk of their lineup and still found a way to get a point on the road. I would call that a success for this bunch.
15 (15) 2-9-3 9 pts. This club isn’t 1999 Red Bull bad but they are dangerously coming close to that. Its a shame too since they have enough talent on this roster to do something with.