Some Troubles In Portland

Some Troubles In Portland

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 27, 2009
  • Merritt Paulson, MLS Expansion, MLS Portland, PGE Park

Merritt Paulson still has some work to do to get his expansion club in order before 2011. (Photo via NYTimes)

Quietly I worry about the expansion bid in Portland. More news continues to come out that stadium issues won’t be resolved.

An article on The Portland Mercury’s website says Portland mayor Sam Adams has withheld an economic study that indicates a new Portland Beavers stadium would actually result in a net job loss.

Merritt Paulson the Timbers owner and expansion leader for Portland is going to have to go back to the drawing boards of some sorts here to get things sorted out. As we know if the Timbers current PGE Park mates the Triple-A Beavers don’t get a new stadium like proposed it could smell trouble fot his expansion bid.

This may be a situation where Don Garber and the league get a little more involved to get this bid to where they need it to be. It could also mean the league and Garber back off on the notion that the club has to be the lone tenent in PGE right away. I know no one wants to see the club share the stadium with the Beavers but it could be an option that need to be looked at the make sure the club does enter the league in a decent manner.

Then again some of this could just be talk to just get things rolling more for the stadium deal in Portland. Either way it does sound like some things need to move fast before it gets out of hand there.