MLS Weekend Recap: Week 8

MLS Weekend Recap: Week 8

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 11, 2009
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Mainly since I am running way behind on my weekend recaps my thoughts from this weekend will be sort of brief due to lack of time on my part. Not a whole lot changed for me over this past weekend. Some certain clubs finally won games for a change this season and others continue to impress. This weekend was full of sloppy defending and cool finishing.

Here are the notes I jotted down from this weekend’s action. If you have any comments from the games this weekend feel free to post below.

– Chivas continues to roll here. The AmeriGoats get another win at home, improving to 7-1-1 on the year. An eight point advantage in the standings right now. Wow. At this rate they will clinch a playoff spot by mid-July. I’m just wondering when the flame will go out and this club will cool off for real here. They have a tough stretch coming up with hosting DC, at KC and then home again against Chicago. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them either roll through those at their current pace right now. I mentioned their fast start in comparison to other fast starts in league history. Right now they are tied for the second best start behind the 2000 KC club and the 1999 Miami club. Interesting fact that Steve Goff mentions is the common fact is Preki. He played for those two clubs and is coaching this Chivas club.

Just how are they doing this though? The cast of no-names and what nots are just getting the job done no matter what. They clean up on sloopy defending and are very tight in the back. They are showing that they don’t need to be flashy to win or be well anything great to win.

– And speaking of the club Chivas beat on Saturday, Real Salt Lake continues to be unimpressive on the road. Let’s hit reality for a second. This club has always been terrible on the road. The fact that they don’t score on the road this season only makes it worse.

Jason Kreis has a lot of work to do with this club still. Right now they aren’t a contender. Kreis will probably make a change up top soon by placing Fabian Espindola up top instead of Yura Movsisyan who has been rather poor so far this season (one goal and one assist in eight games).

– Columbus FINALLY won a game. Good thing too because they couldn’t afford to stay out of the win column for much longer. Getting Robbie Rogers and Frankie Hejduk back and healthy really made a difference with this club. A big reason that few are talking about here is the play of Emmanuel Ekpo in the midfield for the Crew. His play has been really impressive lately.

I know they let in the late goal to KC on Saturday but they really dominated the better part of that game and finally proved to not only the rest of the league but to themselves that they CAN close out games again. This side still has the talent to do some damage and with as tight as the eastern conference is right now they are by no means out of it here.

– Kansas City looked okay in the loss to the Crew. Let’s face it this club has some heart but lacks the talent to really be dangerous in the eastern conference. They’ll come close to a playoff birth but in the end they just lack the talent to get the job done.

– New York finally looked good. Then again I don’t know if it was San Jose playing so poorly for 45 minutes or what. In all seriousness though we finally saw the offense out of New York that we all really expected to see this season. Albert Cedades was a big factor in this game just like many had hoped for. With three straight home games coming up they could reel off more points if they play like they did on Friday. It won’t be easy with a hot Houston club coming to town this week followed by rivals Chicago and a Colorado club that always plays tough in New York. In three weeks the Red Bulls could either be where they are now or near the top of the eastern standings. In all reality though I see this club only getting five points out of the next three at best. They still have a lot to prove to me here.

– Seattle proves yet again they can play down a man. I thought they should have easily won the game with LA yesterday but sometimes games just don’t go your way. For the most part though Seattle controlled the pace of the game like I thought they would and really took it to LA. The red card to James Riley did become a factor in this one. It was a stupid card for Riley, who will probably get another game tacted on to his suspension by the league.

– Speaking of LA for a moment. Anyone even realize they haven’t lost in six games here? Seriously, six games but the thing is they don’t look great in doing so. And maybe Landon Donovan has finally cooled off here too. He hasn’t been apart of the last two LA goals. What’s up with that?

– How about that Toronto-DC game? Six goals, loads of action, and a wild finish. Dwayne De Rosario may have had one of the best goals of the season so far (more on that later). Lovely to see the TFC fans on Saturday in support of DC’s stadium march.

– Most surprising result of the weekend for me had to be the New England-Chicago game. I really and truly expected the Fire to roll in this one. Maybe the Fire just aren’t that good. Maybe Dennis Hamlett needs to start Chris Rolfe instead of bringing him off the bench. I do know one thing, I like I have found a new favorite defender in Revs’ Emmanuel Osei. That kid is a beast. One other thing it was fun to see Shalrie Joesph run all over the place on Saturday.

– Houston once again handled their in-state rivals with ease. Dallas is just pathetic, they really are. There is no other way to put it. Houston on the other hand is really starting to turn the heat up here. Four straight clean sheets for Pat Onstad. Dominic Kinnear isn’t going to wow anyone with this club but he will still more than likely find ways to beat everyone with this club.

– Lastly, the butts-in-seats look for the week was okay, everyone except for one club got at least 11,000+ to their game. New York brought in the low number (8,000+) with Seattle having their usual 29,000+. Everyone else was pretty much expected though I would say DC showed a lower number than I would have liked to have seen.


  • May 11 2009
It definitely seemed more like 18-19,000 at RFK. I don't know how they got 15,600; it looked absolutely packed on the Noisy Side, and the Quiet Side had a good crowd too, plus what I estimated to be a couple hundred TFC supporters. Very weird.
  • May 11 2009
It definitely seemed more like 18-19,000 at RFK. I don't know how they got 15,600; it looked absolutely packed on the Noisy Side, and the Quiet Side had a good crowd too, plus what I estimated to be a couple hundred TFC supporters. Very weird.