Afternoon Reactions: MLS BOG Meetings

Afternoon Reactions: MLS BOG Meetings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 23, 2009
  • Board of Governors, Designated Player, Rule Changes, Single Table

I noticed earlier a couple emails sent in about the MLS Board of Governors meeting that MLS Rumors is discussing right now on their site. After mentioning who are the BOG members (mostly club owners, even new ones) the guys at MLSR today decided to break down what could be talked about at their upcoming meeting.

I thought they made a few good points that could be discussed. The usual suspects like single table, salaries were all there on the list. I went through what they listed out and discussed them a bit with my own touch. Obviously the two big topics are scheduling and the CBA. Anything other than that is just minor right now as far as the BOG is concerned.

Single Table Talk

Obviously whenever they do meet they will have to discuss the schedule and what to do starting in 2011. Some rumors have come up that the league is looking into a possible three conference format due to the overflow of western clubs with the addition of Portland and Vancouver in a couple years. However from a few people I’ve talked to (and also mentioned in the MLSR article) there are a few around the league in favor of single table format. So, you know, let’s hope it goes that way. I’d say even go that way if for some chance Montreal also got granted a club for 2011 like some talk out there is suggesting.


We all know as the league expands so will the salary cap. With the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) talks coming up this year you better bet the league meeting probably will deal with a lot of talk about the CBA, player salaries and the designated player rule.

As much as the meeting talks about schedules and playing around World Cup dates next year, more than likely the owners will be looking into the CBA in a big way this year and at this meeting.

I fully expect the cap to be raised, though a little and the CBA to be extended by both sides when it is all said and done this year.


MLSR also notes a couple things that could be noted at the meeting involving advertising and marketing. For the league to grow not just on the field and off it needs some good marketing and advertising as a whole. A few clubs are still in talks to get jersey sponsors right now (Colorado looking to be the next to add one to their kits), and other are looking to keep their current core group of sponsors that bring in the most cash.

As a marketing outlooking the league has to look at the Toronto/Seattle models and figure out ways to apply them to ALL clubs. Not just the new ones coming in (because let’s face it those three clubs will be fine at that), but the ones currently struggling in this department. Clubs like Dallas, Columbus, Chivas, Colorado, and so on need to figure out the best possible way of getting a hold of the Seattle/Toronto model for attracking fans and use it to their advantage.

Other items mentioned

MLSR also mentions that the group could be looking at the economy, loan deals, stadium issues, international player rules, and club sales.

Even though there is some talk out there about potential club sales like DC or Columbus, don’t buy into them. The league knows they will be hit hard for anything that could happen to DC and even anything that could happen to Columbus. In other words relocation (which is what this is more about) is a last option for all clubs, especially these two mentioned.