WVH Power Rankings: Week 5

WVH Power Rankings: Week 5

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 21, 2009
  • 2009 Week 5, MLS Power Rankings

Time to close another week here with the weekly edition of the WVH Power Rankings. A decent amount of movement here this week with some clubs starting to find themselves here in the early going of the season.

I think it is almost safe to say that we have some real quality at or near the top of the standings and still some real crap at the bottom. Time can change all things though and it will in this long season.

Feel free to leave a comment if you agree or disagree with this week’s rankings.

Team Rank (Last Week) Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (2) 4-0-1 13 pts. The cast of names no one has ever heard of continues to lead the way. Seriously where did Preki find Chukwudi Chijindu? And really, how cool of a name is that? My big question is will they get better as they get healthy too? We will see.
2 (1) 2-0-3 9pts. Undefeated they may be but the late rally by Kansas City did not go over well in the Windy City. The defense that was looked to be as one of the best in the league has given up five goals in two games. Not good.
3 (3) 2-0-2 8pts. Unlucky to not escape RFK last Friday with three points. Still the Revs continue to plug away and get points everywhere. I think it is safe to say that Brad Knighton could be the best back-up in the league today. The Revs haven’t missed Matt Reis a bit with Knighton playing the way he has.
4 (3) 3-2-0 9 pts. Getting Kasey Keller back in the lineup should help. Without him the Sounders have given up three goals in a game and a half. With him, as we all know, the Sounders are 3-0 with no goals allowed. They should bounce back right?
5 (7) 2-2-1 7 pts. The right guys are finally stepping up for this club. My question is can they keep it up?
6 (6) 2-2-0 6 pts. Yeah, no need to move this club any higher until they can win on the road. Still they’ve played better than most have so far this season.
7 (5) 2-2-1 7 pts. Conor Casey nearly lead this club back into a draw with Houston. This club has some real grit under Gary Smith. Just the question of will the tough defense last here? Still can’t deny what they’ve done this year, and mostly on the road so far.
8 (10) 1-1-3 6 pts. Ben Olsen and Jamie Moreno can’t save this club from a loss every week. Saying that though I think this club is on the way up if Benny keeps leading the charge.
9 (11) 1-2-2 5 pts. This club still lacks the offensive punch to scare anyone in this league. Defensively behind Pat Onstad they still scare the crap out of everyone.
10 (8) 0-2-3 3 pts. The week off was much needed. Except for the fact that they now find themselves in last place in the league.
11 (9) 1-2-2 5 pts. Okay Sunday’s game proved that this club still doesn’t have a quality defense. Three years in and they still haven’t found the right parts to patrol in the back.
12 (14) 1-2-2 5 pts. The offense finally wakes up for this club. Now if the rest of the club will join them on a consistent basis. Also, they have history against them for the rest of the year with the dry spell that they started out with.
13 (12) 1-2-2 5 pts. A bunch of wasted chances see the Quakes go from three points to one point in a matter of seconds.
14 (15) 1-3-1 4 pts. Offense comes alive, the defense still is asleep at the wheel. Its not even the end of April and Kenny Cooper already is tied for the league lead in goals.
15 (13) 0-1-3 3 pts. Poor Landon Donovan. He can only carry this club so much. On a brighter note the club has only lost a single game this year. However they haven’t won any either.
  • Riky

    Did you even watch the DC game, Revs were lucky not to be too far behind to even have a chance at coming back. The finishing is what you should be writing about in DC's row, and Revs should be dropped further.

  • Riky

    Did you even watch the DC game, Revs were lucky not to be too far behind to even have a chance at coming back. The finishing is what you should be writing about in DC’s row, and Revs should be dropped further.