WVH Power Rankings: Week 4

WVH Power Rankings: Week 4

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 14, 2009
  • 2009 Week 4, Chris Rolfe, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Davy Arnaud, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, MLS Power Rankings

It is amazing what happens when there are a lot of draws in one week. For the most part the clubs who actually win are the movers while everyone else sort of stays where they were at from the week before, depending on how they preformed in their game of course.

Week four in Major League Soccer produced five draws, which shook some things up here. We are slowly seeing the contenders and pretenders here this season. Its a slow and steady reveal from the clubs but we are getting there.

Feel free to post your comments below on these rankings, whether you agree or disagree with them.

Team Rank (Last Week) Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 2-0-2 8 pts. Defensively was missing Wilman Conde on Saturday but this club still showed their depth. Question still comes to when will Cuauhtemoc Blanco and Chris Rolfe be in the starting XI? Has to start soon or this club will start to slide I think.
2 (3) 3-0-1 10pts. No goals but definitely a strong showing in a card-infested game. Big battle comes this week with Seattle though.
3 (2) 3-1-0 9pts. Had to drop one eventually here. The red-card to Kasey Keller didn’t help the matters. Thing was they weren’t all that bad in their first loss, they were just playing like a club that was down a man for three-fourths of a game. I do want to see how they respond without Keller this week.
4 (4) 2-0-1 7 pts. No game, no moving here. Good time for Steve Nicol to have an off week if you ask me.
5 (5) 2-1-1 7 pts. Again, as long as Conor Casey leads this bunch we could see big things out of this club in 2009. Getting points on the road in Columbus is never a bad thing either. This club is really starting to grow on me even though I still feel they have work to do with their roster.
6 (6) 2-1-0 6 pts. I wanted to move this club, I really did but I feel really strongly about not moving them too high until I see how they play on the road. If they get some consistent good play on the road I will have no problems moving them up here because they will be too tough to beat at Rio Tinto this year.
7 (11) 2-2-0 6 pts. This club is quickly turning things around after the slow start. Davy Arnuad is quickly becoming a MVP candidate here this season. That’s a good thing too because as he produces this club will only get better.
8 (7) 0-2-3 3 pts. Not acting like defending champs here. Its pretty obvious they need a restart on their offense here this season. Gullerimo Barros Schelotto is not suppose to be their leading scorer.
9 (8) 1-1-2 5 pts. This club continues to waste quality chance after quality chance. Chad Barrett needs a few games on the bench to think about the amount of goals he should have scored already here this year. Its almost like he has reverted back to his old Chicago ways here.
10 (9) 1-1-2 5 pts. Okay, obviously people are curious about my thoughts with this club these days. Look the lack of energy is there and its due to the lack of depth. In four games this year they’ve lead in each, only to see one win. Its part lack of energy, part lack of depth, and part bad defense.
11 (10) 0-2-2 2 pts. Another game and another clean sheet. Oh wait, they still didn’t score though. Will Dominic Kinnear ever find some offense with this club in 2009?
12 (12) 1-2-1 4 pts. Another strong offensive showing at home. Sad part is their defense is not the same as last year’s strong group. They are tied for second-worst in the league in goals allowed this year.
13 (13) 0-1-2 2 pts. Gregg Berhalter debuts and sees red in the SuperClasio. Donovan Ricketts debuts and sees player of the week honors from the league. However this club still isn’t getting any better anytime soon.
14 (14) 0-2-2 2 pts. You know I am starting to wonder, based on last year’s famed group of reinforcements brought in and how they were rather pathetic; will this year’s really do anything better? One can hope because they own the league’s worst offense right now. Thing is they are quickly playing themselves out of contention in April.
15 (15) 0-3-1 1 pts. A point on the road is never a bad thing but this club still looked rather bad in the process. I could be safe to say that this club won’t win five games this year. I’m almost tempted to put some sort of wager on that too.