Newcomers Starting Strong in 2009

Newcomers Starting Strong in 2009

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 25, 2009
  • Cam Weaver, Dejan Jakovic, Eduardo Lillingston, Fredy Montero, Gregory Richardson, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Mariano Trujillo, MLS Newcomers, Osvaldo Alonso, Santiago Hirsig, Sebastien Le Toux

From year to year we see a crop of newcomers in the league that either take the league by storm or they fail to do much of anything (like most of last year’s). The 2009 bunch so far seems to be doing quite well in compairson to the 2008 bunch.

First of all we know what Seattle’s Fredy Montero did in week one. His two-goal effort against the New York Red Bulls was pretty much what we expected out of him. And as we all know if he keeps it up he will either become the Newcomer of the Year or he will be bought by some European club by mid-summer.

Montero wasn’t the only Seattle newcomer that turned some heads. Both Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and Osvaldo Alonso stood out and former USL MVP Sebastien Le Toux wasn’t too shabby either.

Seattle’s newbies really started the year off with a bang. Other around the league didn’t do too bad either though it could take a few games to see real impact (rookies not included, that’s another post for another day):

Santiago Hirsig, KC: He didn’t go the full 90 last weekend against Toronto but we all know the offense will pretty much flow through his feet this year. I saw a couple times on Saturday where he really helped control things in the middle for KC, something that has been missing for years.

Gregory Richardson, Colorado: A guy that we may know of more in a couple months. He briefly saw action against Chivas but he did find a way to incert himself in the action as soon as he could when the Rapids were trying to tie things up late.

Eduardo Lillingston, Chivas USA: A Mexican forward for Chivas? Seriously though there were a couple times that I thought Lillingston looked good for Chivas in the first half against the Rapids. Once he gets use to his teammates (and when everyone is healthy) he should be a good pair with either Maykel Galindo or Ante Razov.

Mariano Trujillo, Chivas USA: I have to say I did like what I saw out of Trujillo against guys like Conor Casey and Omar Cummings. Trujillo isn’t a name that many will see on the stat sheet this year but I think he will be a good part of an underrated defense this year.

Cam Weaver, San Jose Earthquakes: Looked dangerous here and there for the Quakes but just like everyone else wearing black on Saturday night he couldn’t hit anything inside the box. The goals will come and I think Weaver will be a big part of the Quakes’ offense this season.

Dejan Jakovic, DC United: Looked alright for DC in the opener against LA. Thing was the defense as a whole are to blame for the poor showing late.

Any other newcomers show somep promise to you in week one? Let me know if I missed them.