New TV Tech Installed at MLS Stadiums

New TV Tech Installed at MLS Stadiums

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 11, 2009
  • Soccer on TV

Some very cool bits of info here this morning. Thanks to a good buddy of mine in the TV industry for sending me a link on this last night about some new visual tricks that will be used this year for MLS games on TV.

Basically what I was being told was later talked about in this link, we will get some cool new technology this season during our MLS broadcasts. The technology, developed by an Israeli acquisition is known as SportVu.

In soccer, the cameras act as sensors to produce heat maps of areas of the field that a player covers, statistics are produced for touches and time on the ball and 3D scenes can be rendered from the perspective of any player on the pitch. The equipment is being installed at all Major League Soccer venues in the US for the coming season.

Its kind of like a video game element finally reaching our normal programming during a game.

No word on yet how ESPN or FSC will actually use this technology but the fact that it is being installed in each MLS stadium gives me reason to believe we will get to see it used a good bit this year. You know how giddy ESPN gets when they have new technology for soccer games.

What do you all make of this new techology? Think it will make the broadcasts any better? I’m sure if it is used properly it will be.

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    I cant wait to see the new technology. Interesting.

  • I cant wait to see the new technology. Interesting.