Portland Turns To City Council

Portland Turns To City Council

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 4, 2009
  • Expansion Hopefuls, MLS Expansion, Portland Expansion

Last night Portland took the step many of them expected to as the Major League Soccer Task Force officially backed the bid for a MLS expansion club in Portland. In the process the group backed a proposal to use city money to renovate PGE Park for the Portland Timbers and build a new baseball stadium for the Portland Beavers.

The task force recommendation “leans heavily on caution” though but even with that caution the city looks like they are very close to getting a MLS club.

The city council will vote next week on a preliminary deal. Merritt Paulson must make a formal bid to MLS by March 19.

  • vik10

    Why not make it 3 teams. c’monnnnnn mls, its simple. MLS wanted miami for 2010, so now there is 3 real bids out there. Too bad for cheap montreal who is stingy. So, let PDX in and BC, and give St.louis an extension to get there things together and if they dont, they are out. St.louis has the whole deal going on, the money thing not as good but sure they can do it. Add those 3 cities, and trust me it would be perfect, im not just talking. Im majoring in economics bla bla and some other stuff and i have studied some teams ownership in the MLS and St.louis can handle it, they are being punk by the MLS. Give it to the three, and you help kansas city wizards at the same time. SIMPLE……….