DCU Stadium Update

DCU Stadium Update

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 16, 2009
  • New Stadiums, Prince George's County, Stadium Construction, Stadium Talk

DC United announces stadium plans. (DC United)

As you all probably saw this afternoon DC United held their press conference about their new stadium venture in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Here are a few notes I jotted down during what I saw from the telecast of it online.

The new stadium will seat close to or about 24,000 and cost somewhere in the ballpark of $195 million. Staying true to most MLS stadiums it will unfortunately have a stage at one end, though the stage will be full of seats during soccer games. I am kind of interested to see how exactly they do that because places like Dallas say they will be full of seats and really a couple bleacher rows isn’t full to me.

Anyways, the deal is just a deal at this point. Nothing is set in stone but definitely more along in my opinion than Popular Point ever was going to be this club in getting a stadium.

The club will be ponying up some cash to pay for it, which is impressive to see right now with the way things are in the economy.

In a smart fashion the stadium will be near a metro stop. At least they made a point to say a few places they are looking at is along side a metro stop. Believe me in DC that is a big thing and it will help get those Northern Virginia fans to it.

Still a lot of work to be done overall here but its good to see this club finally get something in terms of a stadium being built.