MLS Cup Tidbits

MLS Cup Tidbits

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 11, 2009
  • MLS Cup 2009

Just saw these notes from Steve Goff on this year’s MLS Cup and where it will be located at. For the most part since Seattle was given a MLS club last year we expected they’d host a MLS Cup in the very near future.

Turns out our hunch was right or at least very near to being correct.

Goff is saying that Seattle is the prime candidate with New England and Toronto as backups at this point. It all comes down to the date and time for TV at this point. It looks to be like it will be a later in the day kickoff (probably late afternoon for those on the east coast).

The FieldTurf will be a hot topic around the game if it is there. Most feel thoug that the turf at Qwest is as good as grass as turf can be though.

My feelings are fine with the game in Seattle. Personally I would have liked to have seen in it in Dallas or LA again. Sure those have been the venues the last couple years but we know what to expect out of the weather that time of the year in those cities. I would throw Houston in there too once they get their own stadium up.

I’d honestly also like to see this game played on Saturday rather than Sunday too. Sure its going against college football but I’d much rather go against that than the afternoon than against the NFL on a Sunday afternoon late in the NFL season.