Red Bull Arena To Open In 2010

Red Bull Arena To Open In 2010

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 22, 2009
  • Red Bull Arena, Stadium Talk

This news is really no shock to me or probably to anyone who has followed the league closely. Red Bull Arena was set to open it’s doors towards the end of this year, similar to how Pizza Hut Park and Rio Tinto Stadium did when they opened up.

However as the link above states, it will have to wait and open up in 2010 now instead.

In all honesty though it isn’t a total shocker to hear that Red Bull Arena is being delayed yet again for it’s opening. I’m sure Metro/Red Bull fans are totally use to this kind of happening. It was like that in the announcement of actually getting the stadium to begin building it and now during it’s construction.

On the surface it stinks to hear that there are more delays for this project but in a way I like the idea of the league and the club opening the 2010 season in a new stadium like this one. I already see it now, the first game of 2010 in Red Bull Arena. I’m sure the league is already thinking of that too.