Pre-Draft Trade Talk

Pre-Draft Trade Talk

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 14, 2009
  • 2009 MLS SuperDraft, Christian Gomez, Jonanthan Bornstein, Mike Magee, Trades
Sigi Schimd and Seattle are on the clock...but they may deal the pick here soon! (AP Photos)

Sigi Schimd and Seattle are on the clock...but they may deal the pick here soon! (AP Photos)

What more could you expect going into a draft. Loads and loads of trade discussion. The news keeps flying in today about potential deals that could take place over the next 48 hours or so. I figured they need to be looked at a bit closer to see what will and what won’t happen in the coming hours.

Of course some of these are rumors so take it for what they are, but others seem more legit as some reports are surfacing about them continue to come out.

Another note: I’ll have my final mock draft coming up here in a little bit.

Trade Talk #1: Seattle dealing top pick

Honestly I think something will happen with this top pick. A couple weeks ago I was dead set on seeing Seattle make the first selection in the draft but the more I read into what people are saying about Sigi Schmid and his new crew, the more I believe they will look to deal this top pick since they aren’t too sold on a few of the top prospects in the draft yet.

Where they will trade to is still the question. Biggest suitors for that top pick right now are Toronto, DC, Dallas, and LA.

Right now my bet is Dallas goes for it on a last second deal. They will send their number 5 pick for the top pick along with Dax McCarty (a guy they are heavily shopping this winter).

DC could still make a play for the deal but I still have a feeling they stay at number 6 and 7.

Trade Talk #2: Toronto Dealing Picks

Now that Seattle is in the discussions with people the talk with Toronto has hushed a little bit. Not surprising too as I’ve felt the Reds were hold on too long to deal on of their picks. A deal could still get done tomorrow and if they do it will be with either Chivas USA or DC United. Apparently Chivas really wants keeper Stefan Frei, who is seen as the next Brad Guzan. To do so some say they will be willing to trade defender Jonathan Bornstein to whom ever they are trading with to move up (the AmeriGoats only have a couple early picks).

Desperate times call for desperate deals and Chivas could do just that if they really want Frei. I think this is a move that could ver well happen. Chivas sends Bornstein and probably a draft pick or allocation to Toronto for the second overall pick.

DC still could make a good offer but I just don’t count on it at this point.

Trade Talk #3: Christian Gomez

Oh the talk on Gomez is really heating up today. Some are saying he will go here and others say something completely different. SBI says New England, Steve Goff says Dallas. Both will probably dangle late first round picks at Colorado for Gomez is either report is true. I believe there is still a mystery team that is out there in the running for Gomez that hasn’t been mention that will end up with him (Houston maybe? Kansas City?).

Either way, if Gomez goes somewhere look for Colorado to be picking up some of his salary in 2009.

Trade Talk #4: Mike Magee to LA

This one is pretty much done and waiting on league approval from what I hear. Word has it the Red Bulls will get a conditional second-rounder in probably the 2010 draft.

Trade Talk #5: Wilman Conde

Part of me still thinks the Fire could be dealing Conde this week if they can find the right club and deal. They know they won’t have him for 2009 so making a play now seems to make the most sense. But the thing is, no one is stepping up right now to go for Conde. Should Toronto want to deal with Chicago (and we know how that has worked out in the past), they could still make a deal here. Time is ticking away though for it to happen.

Trade Talk #6: Ante Jazic on the move

The only likely destination for Jazic still seems to be Toronto. Thing is I wonder what LA would get in return here. Just like the Conde thing, the talk with Jazic has cooled off a bit recently. Ives seems to think he will end up in a Chivas uniform is they trade Bornstein.

Trade Talk #7: RSL on the move up

Word out of Salt Lake, the club still wants to move up the draft boards to get midfielder Sam Cronin. They are willing to dangle some defenders to get to done too. I don’t see them going all the way to the top of the charts unless they work out a monster deal with Seattle (not likely). Still they could move to number 4 from Toronto and have a shot at landing Cronin if other deals work out.

That’s it for now…remember there will be a live draft chat tomorrow afternoon starting around 12:30 CT.