Oduro for van den Burgh?

Oduro for van den Burgh?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 13, 2009
  • 2009 MLS SuperDraft, Dominic Oduro, Trades
Dave van den Burgh may be doing his celebrations at Pizza Hut Park now.

Dave van den Burgh may be doing his celebrations at Pizza Hut Park now.

It sounds as though there is a possible pre-draft trade in the works between FC Dallas and the New York Red Bulls. Buzz Carrick is reporting that the two sides have agreed to swap international players on their rosters. Dallas would send forward Dominic Oduro to New York for winger Dave van den Burgh.

Interesting swap really, Carrick also mentions some draft picks will be involved in the deal but he couldn’t varify which picks. My feelings they will be a second round pick from Dallas going to New York and probably a forth round pick going to Dallas. Just speculation on my part but looking at what the two clubs have in terms of picks that makes the most sense.

From the top I love this deal for both sides. New York gets a salary cap relief in a big way by getting a much cheaper Oduro. Most may recall in the summer Juan Carlos Osorio wanted Oduro in a trade but couldn’t get him at the time. He really had little to work with then during a playoff push. Now he apparently struck the right deal with the Hoops.

For Dallas it works out because they need a strong presence on the wings. There is no doubt that van den Burgh will provide that for the club. Plus it so happens his wife if from Dallas so the deal also makes sense for him personally. You know what they say, “wife happy, life happy”.

Nothing is official yet but I would imagine if this deal is as legit as it sounds we will probably know something more before Thursday.