WVH Mock Draft

WVH Mock Draft

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 5, 2009
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Maryland's Omar Gonzalez is a hot prospect for a few clubs.

This may be the first of a couple mock drafts that lead up to next week’s MLS SuperDraft. Of course I will only be working with the first round for this mock draft as the second through forth round order hasn’t been officially announced yet.

A lot could easily change too as some players mentioned are on the fences about going to the draft this year or waiting until next year.

Also there are expected to be a slew of trades between now and next week. While no one is expected as of right now to move up and pull a Kansas City to trade into the top spot this year, I do see plenty of teams looking to package deals to move up to the second overall pick.

Reports right now suggest that New England, Dallas, LA, and DC all have interest in trading up to that second overall pick. From what I am hearing we could see a deal done as soon as the end of this week. Also, with the amount of picks that some clubs have expect them to send them off as some others will be looking extra picks.

Lastly, we will know a lot more after the MLS Combine too which begins at the end of this week. Usually the Combine is a great trading ground for clubs. You can expect to see a few deals worked out at this year Combine for sure.

We are still waiting on a few guys to declare or not to declare for the draft right now too. Guys like UNC’s Sheldon Williams have been quiet about their potential professional outlook. Some guys like Wake Forest’s Ike Opera are staying in school for now, a move that could really benefit them next year.

Anyways, on to the Mock Draft number one.

1. Seattle Sounders FC: Steve Zakuani (Akron)

Right now all the talk up in the Pac-NW is that Zakuani will be the top pick unless some crazy trade happens and Seattle gives up the top pick. Many believe that Sigi Schmid is impressed enough with Zakuani to make him the top overall pick. The club needs some attacking options and Zakuani could contribute from day one.

2. Toronto FC: Omar Gonzalez (Maryland)

Look for this pick to be traded but if not I cannot see Toronto not picking a solid defender like Gonzalez. Even if they think they are good enough for this year in the back they need depth and Gonzalez is the guy for that in my opinion. Still a lot of clubs want him and I doubt TFC will hold on to this pick. Even if they do take him they will deal him.

3. Los Angeles Galaxy: Rodney Wallace (Maryland)

LA as we all know needs defense and I see Wallace falling here unless some how Toronto passes on Gonazlez. LA wants either one they can get and really they will be fine with whoever they take at number three. I don’t see Bruce Arena wasting this pick on going for the best player (ie. a Marcus Tracey) that is available but going for what his club needs most.

4. Toronto FC: Marcus Tracey (Wake Forest)

TFC could surprise a few and take Tracey at number two instead of here. If they do that I figure they will trade this pick away to someone else. Then again you just never know with Mo Johnston at the helm. With Tracey not being apart of the GA class look for him to slide a little even though he is the top talent of the draft. Remember clubs near the top need defense and not offense.

5. FC Dallas: Jeremy Hall (Maryland)

As a Hoops fan this is the guy I would like to see them get if they can. Hall is a beast in the midfield and a difference maker on the wings. Something the Hoops really lacked in 2008. I still think they will push hard for that number two pick to get Gonzalez though but if they fail to make that deal happen they will end up with a good consolation prize in Hall.

6. DC United: Stefan Frei (California)

The first keeper off the boards, and the best of the bunch really with a GA contract. This should be a pick DC will go with here or at number 7. They need stability in the back for years to come and let’s face it even if Louis Crayton is good enough to hold the fort in 2009 I just don’t see it lasting for another year. Frei will gain some solid experience and step right when ready.

7. DC United: Kevin Alston (Indiana)

You could swap the order between this pick and the 6th pick but either way I think Frei and Alston are going to DC. The club needs defensive help and I just don’t see them trading up to get Gonzalez at this point. Alston is probably good enough right now to start for this club in the back. If they don’t go for Alston I could see them take a defensive midfielder like Brad Ring instead.

8. Kansas City Wizards: Baggio Husidic (UIC)

One thing KC lacked in the midfield in 2008 was creativity. Husidic will definitely bring that to their club if he is selected here. The Wizards could also select UCLA playmaker Michael Stephens but there hasn’t been any confirmation that he is coming out yet. If he does look for KC to go that route if not Husidic will be tough for this to passover.

9. Chivas USA: Sam Cronin (Wake Forest)

Chivas needs some help in the middle with the possible transfer of Sasha Kljestan in the near future on the way. Should Husidic be here I would imagine they will take him but if not I think they will move to Cronin. While he isn’t a playmaker like Kljestan he would be able to add some stability to their defensive portion of the midfield.

10. New England Revolution: Yohance Marshall (South Florida)

The Revs have two late first rounders that they are looking to deal to trade up. Apparently they really want Gonzalez. If they can’t do it I see Marshall falling in their lap. I’ve seen Marshall play over the years and I believe he is good enough to start today in MLS. He may not be a starter right away but look for him to get plenty of chances as the year goes on.

11. FC Dallas: Calum Angus (Saint Louis)

Dallas still needs work on their defense. Some suggest Dallas will go for the next best player which could be a striker but with Kenny Cooper coming back I just don’t see them taking a chance on a striker this year in the first round. Angus will slide into the backline just fine. I could also see them taking Wake Forest defender Lyle Adams here too. It just depends on who has the better Combine this week.

12. Real Salt Lake: Mike Grella (Duke)

Jason Kreis is a Duke guy and I think he will take one of his own. While RSL needs a solid defensive midfielder or just a midfielder in general I think they will be hard pressed not to take a striker here. Grella will be that guy I believe.

13. Toronto FC: O’Brain White (UConn)

Mo likes to gamble and he will with this one. Given White’s health right now, reports suggest he won’t be ready until at least April. Being a Canadian it would be hard for Toronto to pass on White here.

14. New York Red Bulls: Lyle Adams (Wake Forest)

A lot depends on some Combine workouts but I think Adams would be a good fit for the Red Bulls. They need defensive help in a bad way and Adams would be a good start for them in 2009.

15. New England Revolution: Chris Pontius (UCSB)

The Revs will go for some attacking help if they don’t make some trades to move up. I think Pontius would be a monster pick for them in the coming years as he could very well be one of the most underrated picks of this draft.

The next Mock Draft won’t come until at least the end of the week if not this weekend. I want to wait until a day or so into the Combine to sort out any trade details.