Coaching Shake-Up At Chivas?

Coaching Shake-Up At Chivas?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 16, 2008
  • Coaching Changes, Preki, Rob Warzycha

Preki on the move? (Getty Images)

It sounds possible right now for Chivas USA to be making a coaching change in the very near future. Andrea Canales at says that a change could be coming thanks to Chivas owner Jorge Vergara breaking his silence with the media.

The official Chivas site mentioned that Vergara also said that a present assistant coach at Guadalajara, Luis Manuel Díaz, would move to Chivas USA to serve as an assistant.

This was news to official Chivas USA media relations staff, who explained that they had not been informed of any incoming coaching staff.

One report was even more specific about how the MLS club could be affected. reported that Díaz was going to Chivas USA to be the assistant of a new head coach that would be named in a short while.

That would mean, of course, that Vergara is planning to dismiss 2007 MLS Coach of the Year Preki, who led Chivas USA to the playoffs in every year of his tenure, but failed to get the team past the opening round both times.

Its not 100% but right now it wouldn’t be surprising. Vergara seems to be the type that isn’t patient enough to wait for Preki to turn this club into a year-to-year winner like he probably expects them to be. So bringing in another coach that probably doesn’t know the MLS game seems logical right? Wrong, its nothing more than a step in the wrong direction if it happens.

If Preki is to go don’t be shocked to see him land on his feet elsewhere. Possibly Columbus as some are going to suggest but I don’t see it as Rob Warzycha seems to have that job in the bag. Or maybe Preki takes a year off and goes to coach in Philly? Who really knows what will end up here but if a change happens for Chivas I just hope its someone who knows the MLS game.