More SuperDraft Talk

More SuperDraft Talk

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 9, 2008
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Sam Cronin leads Wake Forest into the College Cup Final Four. (via Wake Forest)

Sam Cronin leads Wake Forest into the College Cup Final Four. (via Wake Forest)

With the College Cup this weekend here in Dallas I felt it was a good time to bring up the SuperDraft yet again and mention some players to watch out for this weekend. I’ve had a few emails over the last couple weeks asking me to continue on my SuperDraft talk that I started back at the beginning of last month. I wanted to wait until we were closer to the College Cup before I did and so here we are now.

Last month I mentioned a few players to keep an eye out for. Today its along the same lines but more for this weekend’s Cup, with a few others sprinkled in there that didn’t make it that far.

I pretty much feel like Wake Forest is in the driver’s seat for this weekend’s Cup. It’s theirs to lose at this point but don’t sleep on St. John’s, that’s the one club that could upset them in the final. Then again so could UNC or Maryland, two schools that know Wake better than anyone else that is left. Still, after watching Wake over the past few weeks, they look hungry as ever to finish the job and win the College Cup.

1. Marcus Tracy (Wake Forest): Some people have him very high on their draft boards, and after seeing a few clips of this speedster I can see why. He may be this year’s Patrick Nyarko, lots of pup before the draft but he won’t end up number one to Seattle. I still see him as one of the top strikers of the bunch for this year. He’s a very big part to Wake Forest and their dominate offense.

2. Yohance Marshall (South Florida): I know USF got dominated by Wake last weekend but Marshall is the type of guy a lot of MLS clubs would love to have on their team. He’s big and tough but I just wonder if he will take the jump and leave school early to go to MLS. I would imagine he would be a fairly high pick if he did leave. He has also played for Trinidad and Tobago’s U17 team.

3. Sam Cronin (Wake Forest): Cronin is the type of guy I would want on my club. He’s a shifty two-way midfielder that really controls the pace of the game well. I believe he still needs a strong showing at the MLS Combine to really be a high pick but he just looks like one of those typical late steals that New England always gets.

4. Chris Pontius (UC Santa Barbara): Remember all those UCSB guys that left to the league last year (Eric Avila, Ciaran O’Brien, and Brennan Tennelle)? Well Pontius was the lone start of the bunch that stayed behind and he has definitely taken advantage of the spotlight this year. Pontius has left his mark in the UCSB record books, notching 29 total goals in his career.

5. Lyle Adams (Wake Forest): There is a reason why there are so many Demon Decons on this list. Adams is just another cog in the wheel that is close to a national title this year. The four-year starter has been a big part of the team’s amazing run this year. Plus he is a defender that doesn’t mess around either. Look for him to be high on some draft boards next month.

6. Evan Brown (Wake Forest): Yeah, like I said there is a reason why I favor Wake to win it all this year. Brown is another defender on that amazing backline. He wants to go pro and more than likely he won’t be a high draft pick but he will be a valuable second rounder in my book. Apparently he would love to play for New England if he could.

7. Ryan Soroka (St. John’s): Along with teammate Nelson Becerra, the Red Storm are doing very well for themselves this year as they are in the national semi-final against Maryland. The junior forward may stay behind for another year at St. John’s but from what I’ve seen of him over the last couple years he would be fit enough to try his hand at MLS. Some out there believe he may even be good enough for a Generation adidas contract.

8. Neal Kitson (St. John’s): This redshirt-senior may be one of the few keepers in the pool for next year’s draft. Kitson has the size to be a decent keeper in the league and could get looked at for a late first-round or second or third round pick as long as he has a good Combine. Can’t argue with his production this year, going 19-2-2 with 15 shutouts and 86 saves.

9. Jeremy Hall (Maryland): Hall is a name that few are talking about but he has a decent enough history to suggest that he would be good enough on the MLS level. He’s spent plenty of time in the US residency program (since 2003). Should he come out this year he will more than likely grab a GA contract, I just can’t see a residency player not get one.

10. Zac MacMath (Maryland): Another young keeper (freshman) that could easily come out into the draft and get picked up. I still think he will stay in school for at least another year but keep an eye out for this kid as he has plenty of potential to be another solid US keeper.

11. Brian Shriver (UNC): The Tar Heel’s leading scorer and one of their best players overall. I fully expect this senior to be a good pickup for any MLS club, even as a late round pick. He along with a few other seniors have help lead this club to the national semi-final where they will play Wake Forest. Should Shriver help knock off the best team in the land his stock will rise considerably.

12. Michael Callahan (UNC): One of those UNC seniors that just know how to get the job done. Callahan doesn’t have the super stats to speak of but he is the work-horse of this club in the midfield. That kind of work ethic will get noticed by MLS clubs, especially if he has a good Combine.