Marinelli Experiment Over In KC

Marinelli Experiment Over In KC

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 9, 2008
  • Carlos Marinelli, Player Movement, Winter Player Movement
The Carlos Marinelli experiment is finally over in KC. (Getty Images)

The Carlos Marinelli experiment is finally over in KC. (Getty Images)

I think most of us saw this coming, even those that weren’t close to Kansas City and the Wizards. But it appears the midfielder Carlos Marinelli has set sail to leave MLS and play for Colombian side Club Deportivo Los Millonarios. He will start practicing with the team December 15th.

Usually I hold off on these kinds of rumors but since it is already official according to the club’s website I figured it was worth bringing up. (Thanks to Joe for the email about this matter too)

Here is my (very rough) translation of the release put out on Millonarios’ website:

Carlos Marinelli, 26,…with a resume that includes having integrated major international teams, is further strengthening of Millonarios. Marinelli, from Kansas City in the MLS, he signed for one year with an option to purchase.

Most of the article talked about Marinelli’s history with Boca to Middlesborough and a brief mention of Kansas City.

It’s not a total shocker to see Marinelli leave KC. His two years with the club wasn’t exactly worth talking about as he was too hot and cold for my liking as a player. I never really felt like he adapted to MLS like some players do and to his own club in KC. Maybe that was a bit because he was in Curt Onalfo’s dog-house a few times during his stay in KC.

Losing him will free up a little space for the Wizards. I highly doubt they will bring in anyone to replace him in the middle of the park through a transfer this winter though. Their last couple transfers haven’t really worked out with the exception of maybe Claudio Lopez for the final month of the regular season this past year. Still some free space in the cap is always good, especially with the way they seem to like to wheel and deal for strikers these days.