MLS Cup Preview: Crew and RBNY

MLS Cup Preview: Crew and RBNY

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 22, 2008
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I’ve been over this a thousand times really this past week or so. Columbus and New York together in the MLS Cup for the first time for each club. Amazing that this will be the first time since the first MLS Cup back in 1996 that both clubs never won a MLS Cup will have the chance to.

Both clubs know one another very well as rivals in the Eastern conference. It is also a weird #1 v. #8, top seed versus the lowest seed in the bracket. Can the Crew continue their run or will the slipper fit the Red Bulls for another day?

We have plenty of good matchups to look forward to in this one as well.

  • GBS v. New York’s defense/midfield: I don’t know who has the advantage here. The one or two unlucky guys for the Red Bulls or the league MVP. I think the edge has to go to GBS and his craftiness.
  • Juan Pablo Angel v. Chad Marshall: Both are solid in the air but who will make a larger impact on this game? Angel will have to score for New York to win in my book and I think Marshall is a guy that can keep him from doing that.
  • Hesmer v. Cepero: Sure they won’t exactly meet head-to-head but I figure one will have a bigger impact on the game. Cepero’s run has been just as good as his club’s as of late. To think it probably all started with that terrible free kick against the Crew that went in the back of the net for the young keeper.
  • Robbie Rogers v. Dane Richards: Now here is a matchup on the wings to watch. Speed v. Speed. I think the edge slightly goes to Rogers though for the quality touch that he brings but don’t rule Richards out for a quick change of pace.

I know there are plenty more matchups here to watch for this game but I will just let you find them out during the game.

It will be hard for some to look at the season series between these two to predict this game. New York won two of the three but let’s face the facts, one was at the very beginning of the year (which you can’t base much on either club then) and the other was at the end when Columbus rested half of their starters and New York was desperate for a playoff spot. Columbus won the middle match when the Red Bulls were trying to figure themselves out in the late summer. It wasn’t much of a game really as the Crew dominated from end-to-end after giving up an early goal. I just recall that game and Robbie Roger’s ridiculous strike to start out the second half.

Both clubs want this one really bad to prove to a lot of people that they belong on this level. New York is trying to become another club that had a terrible regular season and wound up winning it all (a la LA in 2005). Columbus wants to prove the Supporter’s Shield isn’t a curse but just another trophy in the case along side the MLS Cup.

Again, I’ve gone over this one a few thousand times, Columbus and New York in a MLS Cup together. The winner is tough to figure out but I think it will end up being Columbus. I’ve said all year long that they are the hardest team in MLS to beat, they will prove that again tomorrow. New York is on a nice run and they’ve beaten some quality clubs along the way but I just see Columbus putting and end to it.

WVH Prediction: Columbus 2, New York 1