St. Louis Bid Gets Stronger

St. Louis Bid Gets Stronger

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 18, 2008
  • Albert Pujols, Expansion Hopefuls, MLS Expansion, St. Louis Expansion

Is Albert Pujols the answer the St. Louis bid was waiting for?

We’ve known in the past that St. Louis is a baseball town. Turns out one of their baseball stars Albert Pujols is also a big soccer fan that wants to bring Major League Soccer to the city. SBI is reporting that the St. Louis Cardinal’s slugger is set to be part of the ownership group that could bring the city an expansion team.

According to SBI, Pujols is one of three new investors that the group is set to reveal:

“…the addition of Pujols bolsters what had been considered the lone weakness in the St. Louis bid, which is a strong and diverse ownership group. In fact, sources within the group have told SBI that Pujols is one of three new investors set to be revealed in the coming weeks.”

Pujols seemed excited about the bid and the city’s chances:

“I am very proud and excited to join the effort to bring Major League Soccer to the St Louis area,” Pujols said. “This means a lot to me and my family, as we all love soccer and we believe in MLS.

“This is something that will be great for our community, especially our youth. I strongly encourage St Louis business leaders and sports fans to join me in this effort. St Louis is an unbelievable sports town and we’ll be a great city for Major League Soccer.”

For me, this really should help put the St. Louis bid over the top. Get Pujols and a couple other strong investors on this bid and it will now look stronger than ever. I’m not ready to elevate this bid back up to the top of the pecking order just yet but it is pretty darn close to it.

What do you all make of this news? Will it help St. Louis enough or do they need more?