So it is set, MLS Cup 2008

So it is set, MLS Cup 2008

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 17, 2008
  • MLS Cup, MLS Cup Playoffs

Who will win the matchup between the Crew and the Red Bulls? I'm sure Dave van den Burgh will have something to say about it. (Getty Images)

Anyone have this matchup for MLS Cup 2008? Of course your didn’t because the likelihood of a conference battle at MLS Cup doesn’t happen often. We had it once before with two Western Conference sides a few years back and now we get to see an all Eastern Conference game.

But can you really believe it? Sure with the way Columbus played this year it is very believable to see them make it this far but for New York it is definitely not. The Red Bulls have this LA Galaxy of 2005 feel to them.

You remember that Galaxy club right? Stumbled into the playoffs somehow and yet ended up winning MLS Cup over a good New England club.

Could that same kind of thing happen on Sunday? We will see. I won’t go too far into this matchup just yet as I want to let it sink in a bit more. But we do have a new poll here at WVH, pick the winner.

I will check back in with more on this past weekend and this coming weekend today.