Weekend Recap: Final Four Set

Weekend Recap: Final Four Set

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 10, 2008
  • MLS Cup Playoffs, MLS Weekend Recaps, WVH Poll

Utter shock. That’s a way to describe one result this past weekend. It may also be another way to describe the Western Conference final match-up. Yeah who saw that coming?

I must say the result in Houston yesterday was a big one. One that will not only save the job of Juan Carlos Osorio, but one that may make him a hero in the Big Apple if they continue to pull the unbelievable. His mad science coaching type this past weekend proved to be the difference maker. No one saw that scoreline coming. Maybe some Houston fans thinking it would be 3-0 Dynamo but not 3-0 Red Bulls.

So we have it now, our final four. Chicago against Columbus (MLS Cup before MLS Cup?) and New York against Real Salt Lake (really, you’re kidding me?).

Yeah one side of the plate we do have a MLS Cup-type match. The Crew against the Fire. Winner should easily be favored to win the Cup. I can’t even begin to say how much I like the thought of this Eastern Conference finals. Probably one of the better match-ups in either conference that we’ve had in some time.

But the Western side of the plate is one that is, well, rather interesting. If you correctly predicted a New York-RSL match for the Western Final then congrats to you. But let’s be honest I highly doubt too many people predicted that. It actually should be a good game on Saturday out in Salt Lake because these two always and I mean always produce a entertaining game.

I think one of the good things out of this though is that BOTH conference finals will be played at soccer only stadiums. That actually is a positive thing here when you think about it. Crew Stadium, the Wrigley Field of MLS and Rio Tinto Stadium.

I’ll have more on these games this week though.

So what do you all make of these conference finals (VOTE ON NOW AT THE NEW POLL)? Will we get a good MLS Cup out of it? Or will that Eastern Conference clash on Thursday be enough?