Expansion Draft List: FC Dallas

Expansion Draft List: FC Dallas

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 27, 2008
  • Expansion Draft

Another new week means time to continue on in our Expansion Draft coverage. So far we’ve gone through LA, San Jose and Toronto. Today we shift our focus to Dallas.

Dallas is going to be a tricky team to figure out here. Loads of young players and guys seeking high contracts. Plus a few guys that deserve new contracts for their play this season. Being in and around this club some this season I’ve spent a little more time on this one because I do know the club a bit better. Maybe not as good as guys like Buzz Carrick or other reporters here in Dallas that cover the team for a living but well enough.

As always to recap about the rules, go here. And to clear up some things about the whole why protect a DP thing if the guy has a no trade clause (in the case of Beckham); folks its a rule…the clubs have to protect the DPs in that case. If they don’t have the no trade clause in their contract then they can be left unprotected. Hope that helps.

Now on to FC Dallas:

The Protected:

  1. Kenny Cooper – Even if the club sells Cooper they will protect him. Right now they are currently entertaining offers for him and looking to resign him. More than likely he will be back in Dallas uniform next year though.
  2. Jeff Cunningham – He will be out of a contract after this season but look for Dallas to resign him. He looked great in Dallas and will probably finish out his MLS career there.
  3. Drew Moor – Just resigned the guy to a new contract a month or two ago. No need to leave their best defender up for grabs.
  4. Andre Rocha – They have to protect him. Why? Because it would look terrible on them to the club that they are getting Rocha on loan from if they leave him unprotected. Plus I have a feeling they are looking to buy him from Brazil for a longer contract.
  5. Pablo Ricchetti – Watch this story this winter between Ricchetti and FC Dallas. They will protect him but will he get what he wants out of his club? More money? Watch and find out.
  6. Victor Sikora – Before he was hurt he was a key part to Hyndman’s new formation in Dallas. Think they’d just leave him open when they expect him to start next year? No way Jose.
  7. Adrian Serioux – Can’t let one of the better defenders go here. Just can’t for a club that has a poor defense.
  8. Dario Sala – Actually one of the better keepers in the league believe it or not. He doesn’t get a lot of love because of his defense but believe me Sala will be protected.
  9. Dax McCarty – Young guy that they are still trying to figure out where to use him best. He would be too good to give up in my opinion.
  10. Aaron Pitchkolen – Kind of a personal pick on my part because I went to school with him for a year and covered him at WVU. But his play in the second half of the season was good enough to justify to me that he has to be protected. He may end up not being and could get taken if that happens.
  11. Dominic Oduro – He would be an easy pick if they decided not to protect him. Too quick and has enough skill to make things happen.

Not Protected, Could Be Taken:

  1. Ray Burse – Young keeper that was loaned out most of the year to get some experience. I totally understand him being unprotected here and even taken to back up Kasey Keller if Seattle doesn’t sign their current USL keeper to back Keller up. Burse is still a little green but would be a solid pick.
  2. Blake Wagner – He should be promoted from his Generation adidas status before the draft. He has plenty of potential and would be a solid pick. For me it comes down to Wagner and Pitchkolen on who Dallas protects last.
  3. Michael Dello-Russo – What a guy that hardly played this year? Yup, the moments I saw out of him were enough to get me thinking that this kid would be perfect on an expansion club. He would get plenty of chances to play and may be a solid pick.

Not Protected, Probably Won’t Be Taken:

  1. Dullio Davino – Not going to protect their highest contract. No way Seattle would even want a slow defender like Davino anyways. Too bad Dallas is stuck with him for another year. He’s been a total bust.

Everyone else is probably safe that isn’t protected.

A lot could change with this club but right now those picks seem fairly solid to me. Again, its down to Wagner and Pitchkolen for me but I think if they are smart they go with a guy that really stepped up for them late in the year in Pitchkolen and run the risk of exposing Wagner. Seattle will be going defensive here in this draft and Pitchkolen would be a valuable player to have on a back-line in this league.