Mid-Week Pick: Quakes Face Do or Die

Mid-Week Pick: Quakes Face Do or Die

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 15, 2008
  • Game Predictions, Game Previews, Playoff Push

Lost in the shuffle of today’s expansion madness was a game, a very important game between Houston and San Jose. The two square off tonight in Houston as they make up this game due to Hurricane Ike a few weeks ago. For a while we said that this game in hand would be huge for San Jose and tonight they have to prove it.

Houston has looked mighty solid at home this season but I wonder if they put their best foot forward now that they won’t be winning the Supporter’s Shield this year. They do have their sights set on winning the western conference again and three points will certainly help them get closer to that goal.

But for the Quakes and their playoff chances they have to win out in their final three. So far the road play this season hasn’t been all that great. They’ve dropped some games that they shouldn’t have dropped and have had some calls not go their way in the process.

I like the Quakes tonight on the bases that Houston will try to go for the draw in this one and save some legs for this weekend’s game against LA. A desperate team is the Quakes and I think they get their stuff back in order to make the playoff race even more interesting. Thing is they have to or else they won’t be apart of it if they fail to get three points. I’m pretty sure they’d be all but eliminated after this game if they fail to get three full points.

Still I see them coming through tonight by the way of Darren Huckerby.

WVH Prediction: San Jose 1, Houston 0