One thing that may be sneaking up on everyone is next Monday’s trade deadline. Yup, Major League Soccer is just like every other American sports league by having a trade deadline.

The big question is who is left to be traded at this point?

New York is looking for a striker within the league. We’ve known that for weeks now but they haven’t made a play at anyone as of today. Sources say they are still interested in a couple current MLS strikers like Dallas’s Dominic Oduro and Colorado’s Omar Cummings. I still doubt either will be traded. They’ve been giving a serious look to USL2 midfielder Matthew M’Buta for several weeks now and look ready to sign him.

– Will Colorado actually make a move now that they are within a couple points of a playoff spot? Yeah, no they won’t – or at least I wouldn’t bet on it. If anything people will continue to exit.

– I would still like to see guys like Pablo Mastroeni or Christian Gomez be looked at by a serious contender. I say that because I highly doubt either will be in Colorado next season with the Rapids. Think a San Jose or a Real Salt Lake could use one of them to beef up their playoff bid here? Throw some allocation and draft picks out there, it make sense to me.

– There are a couple teams looking to deal though before the deadline but I wouldn’t expect any more blockbuster deals.

Any deals out there you think should happen? Be realistic here too, none of this Schelotto for some reserve that never plays for the reserve team kind of thing.