Trade Grades: The Best and Worst From 2008

Trade Grades: The Best and Worst From 2008

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 5, 2008
  • Abdus Ibrahim, Arturo Alvarez, Carlos Ruiz, Chad Barrett, Herculez Gomez, Ivan Guerrero, Jeff Cunningham, Pat Phelan, Preston Burpo, Trades

The past couple of days got me thinking, this year we’ve seen so many trades between the clubs. Some moves have paid off and others have been more of a waste than anything. I felt like today was a good day to look back at the moves that have paid off and the moves that haven’t been able to do anything but fill up lines on a piece of paper (or lines on the net).

Now I will stay away from the allocation trades and things like that. So you won’t see a grade for Brian McBride or Will Johnson or guys in that category since clubs signed them, even though allocation position was traded. We can do grades on guys like that later on.

Interestingly enough, only Columbus is missing from the trade game this season. They’ve made some moves (and yes I know they traded for Pat Noonan’s rights) but haven’t gone after a player from another club like some teams have this season. Very interesting, maybe that is why they are on top of the standings and everyone else is looking up at them.

But as for how the other trades have gone this year, here is what I am giving them. Feel free to discuss trades involving your clubs or moves you thought worked out well this year.

Chad Barrett to Toronto FC: For the most this move has worked out well for this club. He’s produced and has actually been fairly consistent with his play. Not to mention he’s signed a contract extension with the club already.WVH Trade Grade: A-

Arturo Alvarez to San Jose Earthquakes: Alvarez wasn’t going to cut it in Schalles Hyndman’s system so a move was going to happen. San Jose was the best destination for him and so far this move has worked out well for the Quakes as they’ve made a serious push for the playoffs in recent weeks. WVH Trade Grade: A

Abdus Ibrahim to Toronto FC: He had to leave Dallas due to family issues but I must say Toronto got a hell of a deal with this kid. We may not see it on the field this year but in years to come he will end up being a big time player in this league. WVH Trade Grade: A

Ivan Guerrero to DC United: Guerrero didn’t work out well enough in San Jose but his move to the Nation’s Capital has worked out. He’s been a quality addition to DC’s midfield play and has established himself as a starter. WVH Trade Grade: B+

Preston Burpo to Colorado Rapids: Smart move really to land this veteran keeper by Colorado. San Jose was wise to get him even though they had Joe Cannon. Once the season got going they knew Burpo would be instant trade bait. Colorado took it and he has actually become a starter in recent weeks for the Rapids. So this trade worked out for everyone. WVH Trade Grade: B+

Jeff Cunningham to FC Dallas: A trade I called for a while back that actually happened. I think its working out well despite the results for Dallas right now. Cunningham and Kenny Cooper showed last night that they can work well together given the proper time to get use to one another. The results will come and I think Cunningham is a perfect fit for Dallas. WVH Trade Grade: B+

Kei Kamara to Houston Dynamo: Dominic Kinnear searching for this year’s Joseph Ngwenya. I think he found it too. WVH Trade Grade: B

Scott Sealy to San Jose Earthquakes: The Quakes got a steal in this deal I thought. Sealy is a good scorer when he is given the chance. Out in San Jose he will and has been given a solid chance with Frank Yallop. Not to mention his price tag is really cheap, which makes this deal even better for the Quakes. For KC it was kind of a bad move now that we look at it since they are having to trade their way back into things up top. WVH Trade Grade: B

Pat Phelan to New England Revolution: Phelan is definitely a Steve Nicol kind of guy. Toronto needed to make room on their roster so moving the young rookie was the thing to do (though stupid on their part because Phelan is a solid player). I think in years to come we will see more of a value in this move but I still think looking back on it was the right move for the Revs. WVH Trade Grade: B-

Zach Thornton to Chivas USA: I think they over spent for this one though they did need a keeper at the time when Brad Guzan left for England. But at least Thornton is getting another chance. WVH Trade Grade: C-

Carey Talley to Chivas USA: Decent trade but Talley hasn’t been all that big for Chivas this season. WVH Trade Grade: D+

Carlos Ruiz to Toronto FC: Its a gamble for Toronto but from what I’ve read its a smart one even if he doesn’t produce anything. I believe they won’t be on the hook for him next year in terms of salary. Honestly I don’t see him in Toronto next year anyways or in MLS for that matter. Still if he can score a few before the end of the year it will be good. But for now its been a bit of a bad gamble. WVH Trade Grade: D+

Joey Franchino to LA Galaxy: Some said at the time this was a smart move for the Galaxy. Uh, yeah I said it was a pointless move. And it still is, definitely an Alexi Lalas move. WVH Trade Grade: F

Jovan Kirovski to San Jose Earthquakes: An early season move that was a bit of a waste. Does Jovan even play any more? He may be hurt for all I know. Anyways this wasn’t a great move afterall. WVH Trade Grade: F

Chris Pozniak to Chivas USA: Another waste. They ended up waiving him. WVH Trade Grade: F

Herculez Gomez to Kansas City Wizards: When he is on his game he is one of the better young strikers in the league. The thing is he fades away too much. I think KC will be a good place for him if he gets his time but he needs people feeding him the ball, and if Claudio Lopez is doing that this move could end up being good. I won’t grade it though until I see him in a Wizards kit. WVH Trade Grade: Incomplete

Abe Thompson to Kansas City Wizards: Another player that if you give him his time he will score lots of goals for you. He did that here and there in Dallas, and in big spots too. Thing is he comes and goes and that isn’t a good thing for a club making a playoff push. Like Gomez I won’t grade it until I see him on the field with his new club. WVH Trade Grade: Incomplete

  • Cannon Girl

    You forgot a MAJOR trade Drew: The worst (from LA) – My Joe…The best (to SJ) – My Joe! ;)<br />

  • Drew Epperley

    These were in-season trades CG…not preseason trades, though I suppose I can do a trade grade from that group of trades!

  • Cannon Girl

    Awww…just for little ol' me? Thank you Drewby. 😉

  • Cannon Girl

    You forgot a MAJOR trade Drew: The worst (from LA) – My Joe…The best (to SJ) – My Joe! 😉

  • These were in-season trades CG…not preseason trades, though I suppose I can do a trade grade from that group of trades!

  • Cannon Girl

    Awww…just for little ol’ me? Thank you Drewby. 😉