Next MLS Stars To Head Abroad

Next MLS Stars To Head Abroad

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 28, 2008
  • Bakary Soumare, Brek Shea, Chris Seitz, Kenny Cooper, Landon Donovan, Marvell Wynne, Michael Parkhurst, Pablo Mastroeni, Ricardo Clark, Sasha Kljestan, Shalrie Joseph, Stuart Holden, Taylor Twellman, Yanks Abroad

A lot has been made of the players this summer who have left Major League Soccer for higher wages in Europe. I figured since today was a slower news day I would take a look at the next group of guys that could potentially cash in on a move across the pond.

Feel free to give your thoughts on a player listed here or bring up a name that isn’t being talked about that could see a move across the pond.

I will do this in a couple different sections too. Players who could go now or have tried and players who are more in line to be the next Brad Guzan or Maurice Edu.

Players Who’ve Tried:

1. Kenny Cooper, FC Dallas: We all know Coopers attempts this summer to go to either Rosenborg or in Cardiff City. FC Dallas said no way to any and all transfer fees, even the really nice ones like Cardiff’s $4 million offer. I think we all know his name will be thrown out again come winter, even though his club has a couple options left on his contract AND they are still actively working to get him a new deal.

2. Landon Donovan, LA Galaxy: We’ve heard him say he wants to try his hand at Europe once more. I would say if this whole deal with Bruce Arena falls apart you could see him throw his name out a bit more. But in all reality he is a whipped man at home and he doesn’t appear ready to leave his wife and TV star Bianca Kajlich behind just yet. I think its more of a thing if her TV career falls in the tanks, you could see him go. For me its a ‘never-say-never’ kind of thing with Landon and Europe.

3. Taylor Twellman, New England Revolution: He tried to leave and it didn’t happen. Sort of like what Dallas did with Cooper. Said no way and good day. I think Twellman’s injury status this season and the Revs quality play may help him out if he still wants to leave this winter. The Revs know they can win without him, but the biggest question will be if anyone still wants him. I’m sure they do but it may not be as high of a value as it could have been back in January.

4. Shalrie Joseph, New England Revolution: The man should be in the big-boy leagues but he isn’t yet. He nearly went to Celtic at one point and I would not be shocked to see him try to go once again if he isn’t happy. If the right deal comes along you could see Joseph land a nice contract with a good team in Europe. I think that’s what he is waiting on if he still has European aspirations.

5. Pablo Mastroeni, Colorado Rapids: He wants to go after this year and he will. It is just a matter of where. I’d kind of love to see him get traded this year to an actual contender and see him get a MLS Cup before he goes.

Young Guns Waiting To Go:

1. Sacha Kljestan, Chivas USA: Don’t be at all shocked if this winter you see his name float around in the rumor mills. Kljestan has the range that many European clubs would look for in the midfield. Not to mention he will probably have enough international experience at the nice age of 22 to make plenty of clubs want to spend some serious cash on him.

2. Chris Seitz, Real Salt Lake: We hardly see the 21-year old with RSL because of a veteran in the way but believe me Seitz has the size and potential to be a real stud in goal for years to come. Plus since he rarely plays you can bet some club will snag him for cheap and the league won’t even realize it.

3. Brek Shea, FC Dallas: We know some big name clubs have mentioned Shea here and there. While I don’t see that happening I do think before long he will get some serious mention from other clubs and will make the move. His size and the fact that he is still very young makes him a big time prospect for other clubs. Another one that the league will lose and get hardly anything for it because of the lack of PT he has gotten this year.

4. Michael Parkhurst, New England Revolution: Good Ol’ Park is one of those guys that will probably leave sooner rather than later here. That is unless New England puts the stop to him going like they have before with other players. He’s one of the, if not the best defender in all of MLS. The way he reads the game on the field is pretty fun to watch for someone who use to play defense. I’d hate to see him go but I know he’s got the potential to do well abroad.

5. Ricardo Clark, Houston Dynamo: If he gets the anger issue in control he will be a prime candidate for a move. He’s another one of those defensive midfielders that cover a lot of ground on the field and would be able to fit right in to most European clubs.

6. Bakary Soumare, Chicago Fire: I wasn’t too high on this kid when he first came into the league but the more I’ve seen him the more I’ve seen him grown as a player. He doesn’t get pushed off the ball too easily and his size is perfect for his position. He isn’t overly speedy but is overall size would be enough to make some clubs spend a little cash to get him. Easily a candidate for one of those Scandinavian leagues.

7. Marvell Wynne, Toronto FC: Who doesn’t love a big, speedy wing-back who can cover the entire sideline? I love watching Wynne play because of that reason. His play in the Olympics may have helped him get noticed a bit more too.

8. Stuart Holden, Houston Dynamo: There are times when I doubt this kid but then there are times that I cannot help but thing he will end up in Europe one of these days. His play in the Olympics was just like that. One second he was brilliant and the next he was so-so. This may be a wildcard and that is why I saved him for last but who can’t say one of those Scandinavian clubs wouldn’t want Holden in their midfield?


  • Aug 30 2008
I think the only one with a good chance of doing something great is Donovan. It would have to be in the Premier though.
  • Aug 30 2008
I think the only one with a good chance of doing something great is Donovan. It would have to be in the Premier though.