Possible Revs Stadium Location Update

Possible Revs Stadium Location Update

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 26, 2008
  • Bob Kraft, New England Stadium, Soccer Stadiums, Somerville, Stadium Talk

It’s starting to sounds like this is just another Boston suburb to check off the list for New England fans. We talked back in mid-July about the possibility of New England building a stadium in the Boston suburb of Somerville, which is located not too far out of the city.

This time however, the news doesn’t sound as good. The city is trying to work on it’s Inner Belt and the state may be screwing it up by mandating that a Maintenance Facility needs to be present on the site that they are expanding.

Space is already limited even though New England’s owner Bob Kraft is looking into the area for a stadium. We know the club is really in no rush to get out of their current stadium situation since its is ideal enough for the league, meaning they don’t pay rent like in some NFL stadiums.

I’m starting to wonder if the Revs will ever get their own stadium. The idea of a stadium close to Boston is almost too much to ask these days. Plus the cost of such a thing in that area is probably ridicous to begin with.

Do you think the Revs will ever get into a place of their own, one without football lines?

  • TheUltra

    They're stuck in Gillette for the duration.

  • They’re stuck in Gillette for the duration.