Osorio Still Striker Shopping

Osorio Still Striker Shopping

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 23, 2008
  • Dominic Oduro, Macoumba Kandji, Omar Cummings, Trades

After the sale of Jozy Altidore to Spain, New York Red Bulls coach Juan Carlos Osorio has been shopping around the world for a replacement striker. Right now he is mainly targeting three here in the States as the international transfer window closed for MLS clubs last Friday.

The three Osorio is looking at right now, Colorado’s Omar Cummings; Dallas’s Dominic Oduro; and USL-1 side Atlanta’s Macoumba Kandji.

Osorio is hopeful to get something done next week but as we all know landing Kandji will not come easy as there is still a $200,000 transfer fee for him. The Red Bulls are hoping a sale of Michael Bradley will go through to allow the club to get enough allocation for the transfer fee. Those who don’t remember Bradley was a member of the Metrostars before he went to Holland. When he was transfered the league tacked on the usual claus to get a portion of a transfer fee to the next club that Bradley goes to. Its a typical practice that the league usually tried to do for outgoing players.

Anyways, if Osorio isn’t patient enough for Bradley’s transfer, they are hoping either Cummings or Oduro can be the quick fix (no pun intended).

According to the New York Post’s Brad Lewis, Osorio is hoping that recent trades and signings for Dallas will help land Oduro in the Big Apple since Oduro has fallen into the late-game sub for the Hoops. Cummings may be tougher to sign now that Colorado is going through a bit of a coaching change.

In all honesty, I highly doubt Oduro is going anywhere right now and the same can probably be said for Cummings. Both speedsters still have plenty of vaule to their clubs and I can bet their coaches aren’t looking to ship them off anytime soon. Plus, what exactly will New York give up in return? Draft picks? While both would take them, I would hope each would as for a high draft pick in return since both Oduro and Cummings were surprise picks for each club.

I think each getting mentioned is just a plan B and C for the Red Bulls if they don’t land Kandji.

More than likely the Red Bulls will try to be patient as possible here and sign Kandji once the money situation sorts itself out. They want to get a striker in before the end of the year to pair up with Juan Pablo Angel. The thing is I feel this could be too late for the club and in the end it could be a difference of making the playoffs and not.

Either way its just a quick fix for the club, who looks to sign another Designated Player in the off season.

What do you all make of Cummings and Oduro being mentioned out there? While both are good are they really what New York needs right now?