US Stumbles In Olympics

US Stumbles In Olympics

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 13, 2008
  • 2008 Olympics, US Olympic Team

So we didn’t make it in the Olympics. It’s almost like we hit the peak of the mountain right when we got to China. We won the first match, drew the second match (which felt like a loss) and then fell today in the final match of the group phase.

It was tough to watch really, the early red card to Michael Orozoco put the US on the defensive from the start (3rd minute of the game…ouch). It just seemed like that late goal to the Dutch on Sunday was still in the minds of the players out there. They just weren’t able to bounce back from it.

But aside from the stumble and disappointment a few players did stand out to me.

  • Sasha Kljestan – Chivas and MLS need to bump this kid’s salary up quick because he will be in Europe within a year if they aren’t too careful. I don’t know Kljestan’s desires to play elsewhere but he has what it takes to go over seas and make a difference. He may have been the best player for the US in these three games. Only downside was Kljestan was the one who jumped on that Dutch free kick that tied the game.
  • Stuart Holden – Another young guy that had some good play. His goal against Japan was nice to watch. He had some down moments but for the most part I was impressed with his play.
  • Brad Guzan – Had a nice tournament, some up big when it was needed. Too bad his defense let him down a few times too many.
  • Robbie Rogers – Not a great tournament for this kid, but he did show some speed on the wings and that is a good thing. I’m sure Columbus will easily welcome him back here.
  • Marvel Wynne – Decent tournament. His ability to go forward really puts a lot of pressure on other teams. I loved his play against Holland too. I felt he had a good game despite that draw. His speed on the wings really did a number to that Dutch defense.
  • Michael Parkhurst – Solid as usual but slipped up today against Nigeria.
  • Michael Orozoco – Put the red card aside, he was pretty good in this tournament. He is another defender that has that ability to get forward, which really does a number to the other team’s defense.
  • Charlie Davis – He’s one of those guys I would love to see in MLS but what probably won’t happen anytime soon. Late in the game today against Nigeria he put a lot of pressure on their defense, created some good chances and nearly brought the US even late.
  • Nigerians – We all know about Emmanuel Ekpo but can we please sign a few more of these guys to MLS?
  • kovolikessoccer

    Long live the USA. Even though they lost I am still proud of our boys.

  • Long live the USA. Even though they lost I am still proud of our boys.