A Few Trade Rumor Updates

A Few Trade Rumor Updates

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 6, 2008
  • Allocation, Summer Transfers, Trades

Sitting around this morning I started jotting down a few ideas for some trades in Major League Soccer, low and behold I wasn’t the only one thinking once I started to talk to some people around the league. So I felt as though they all needed passed around here to discuss.

Some probably have no hope of happening (though I still believe should) and others are either in the works to get done or close to happening as we speak.

We’ve already seen quite a few trades go down over the last couple weeks. Nothing too big and really most of these aren’t that huge in terms of how they will affect the clubs involved.

  • I’ve already talked about one today with Pat Noonan probably going to Columbus before the end of the day, if not by the end of the week. And yes, there were other clubs interested in dealing with New England for Noonan’s services, I am being told those clubs were Real Salt Lake and San Jose. The Quakes dropped out of the race after they made a few deals and apparently the offer from RSL wasn’t good enough for New England.
  • RSL is still said to be looking for another striker here though…whether or not its an international signing or just a trade in-league is the question. They really have only a few options to trade for anyways right now from what I’ve heard. And some will say that striker isn’t their biggest need right now anyways…or is it?
  • RSL has had a couple interested parties about young keeper Chris Seitz, who backs up Nick Rimando. Seitz is a hell of a product so a big offer would have to be made for him. I think a DC or a New York would love to have him but he just isn’t MLS-tested enough for some people’s liking. If I were one of those clubs I would make RSL an offer for him because he would be a big upgrade to Zach Wells or Jon Conway at this point, even with that inexperience.
  • Toronto still wants to move Jeff Cunningham…but to who? Columbus did appear to be interested in their former striker but if the Noonan deal comes through this week don’t expect them to still be interested. After that there could still be a club or two interested. Chivas USA and maybe Colorado. I’m still waiting to hear how interested those clubs are in Cunningham. It could end up being a thing were Toronto just releases him at some point this season to cut their losses, especially if they finally sign another striker.
  • Toronto defender Marvell Wynne may also be on the trading block. Haven’t heard for sure but recent comments from his coach kind of suggest they aren’t happy with him.
  • LA Galaxy midfielder Pete Vagenas is not on the trading block…unless something “incredible” is offered to the Galaxy. I didn’t see them moving Vegenas anyways this year. He sounds like a guy that will probably get waived after the season though if he isn’t careful.
  • Apparently the same is now being said for Carlos Ruiz by General Manager Alexi Lalas. From what I hear Chivas has backed off a bit on their interest in Ruiz now that Maykel Galindo appears to be returning from health.
  • So that could mean my dream trade of Ruiz for Colorado’s Pablo Mastroeni being off? Maybe, and maybe not. A deal like that would take a lot of talking in to on Colorado’s part since Mastroeni is sort of the “face of the franchise” right now.
  • DC is looking for another keeper to compete with Zach Wells. That doesn’t mean Wells is getting the boot just yet…I have a big feeling he won’t be back with DC next year unless he turns things up a bit and wins them a MLS Cup this season.
  • Teams that aren’t dealing right now (or at least all appears to be quiet): Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City.

There are probably some more out there but this is the short list for now. Not a whole lot new to offer but just some updates really. What do you all make of some of this? See a trade out there that you’d like your club or another to do? Let’s hear it.