Weekend Recap: More Home Cookin’

Weekend Recap: More Home Cookin’

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 4, 2008
  • MLS Weekend Recaps, Week 19

Week 19 is in the books for Major League Soccer and the playoff races are as hot as the sun down here in Dallas (yeah, it reached 108 this weekend here). Four out of the five games went to the home teams while one of the toughest venues in the league gave it’s visitor a rare victory.

Five solid games though, with some surprising results to some. I think one thing is clear though, someone may be getting the boot out in LA this week (more on that in a bit). Also, some big changes need to happen up in Toronto.

Yeah, some clubs are rising while others are falling faster than anyone would have thought a couple months ago. Why is that? Simple, its called parity and this league is filled with it.

So what happened this weekend? Let’s get down to business and see…

DC United 2 – 0 Kansas City Wizards:

  • Okay, so DC looks like they have ended their slight funk here now right? I think so, from what I saw they pretty much handled this game and never really looked like losing it for a second.
  • What do we get out of this for KC? Its their first loss in eight matches (3-0-4 in the seven before Saturday). From what I said in the game preview, those draws will still give people a reason to doubt them. And it’s pretty true after watching this one.
  • More amazing stats here, this was DC’s first shutout of the year. Yeah, I think sometimes we forget how overrated this club’s defense has been this year.
  • The Ivan Guerrero addition looked like it has paid off pretty well for DC, I thought he played very well on the flank for the Black-and-White.
  • The offensive issues for KC continues, Josh Wolff was out due to a hamstring injury. How long will he be out because this offense looked a bit off without him.
  • KC did out shoot DC in this one, but its what they do with those chances is what sets them apart from other teams in this league right now.
  • For all the flack that Zach Wells has got this year he finally looked pretty good in this one. Maybe it was the younger defensive line in front of him that helped out, or not. Whatever it was Wells looked better.
  • Nice goals from Luciano Emilio and Jamie Moreno. Those two continue their solid pace here.
  • How valuable has Moreno been to this club this year? Not only does he have seven goals but also has a nice seven assists. I love those kinds of stats on a player.


Chicago Fire 1 – 0 Chivas USA:

  • Early goals continue to haunt clubs, this time around its Chivas who gives up an early goal to rookie Patrick Nyarko. Chicago never looked back from that.
  • For the most part I felt Chicago held a lot of possession, even with the lead and even without Blanco in the middle of the park (he was suspended for this one).
  • Marco Pappa showed exactly why the Fire went out and got this kid on loan. Lots of good stuff from him early on.
  • Chivas does have show some promise though in this one. especially when they were pressing late to get the equalizer.
  • Jon Busch again made some key saves in the win.
  • If I am a Chivas fan I am happy to see Maykel Galindo back on the pitch, no word yet on how his sports herna is doing but if it is fixed then things could be looking up offensively for Chivas.
  • Chicago still showed how good their defense is here in this one, lots of close moments that were just stuffed out by Conde and Segares.


Houston Dynamo 2 – 0 Columbus Crew:

  • From the looks of it, it seems like Houston is really back here. They didn’t take the foot off the pedal for this one with Tuesday’s SuperLiga contest in front of them.
  • I think what’s more impressive about this Houston club is the fact that they only have four losses this season. I know they have a league high eight draws but they aren’t losing much here.
  • The heat may have been an issue but Houston were able to get through it.
  • This one another one of those games for Columbus that they were in it but just weren’t lucky enough to put one home in the end.
  • Houston probably was lucky at times for this not to be a draw but unlike the Crew, the Dynamo made the most of their chances.
  • I wish both clubs were at full strength for this one, too many suspensions or international callups here but this one was still very entertaining to watch. I wouldn’t mind a Houston-Columbus MLS Cup if it came to it.
  • Brain Ching looks much better with Nate Jaqua by his side, he is free to roam a little more and possess the ball a bit more. Which leads to more goals as we saw Saturday night.
  • Kei Kamera may just be the Jospeh Ngwenya type trade that Houston was hoping to score here this year. His speed will be a killer thing off the bench here late this year.
  • I love watching Guillermo Barros Schelotto play. His passion, intensity, and just overall skills are amazing to watch. Just too bad he doesn’t have enough help some nights to get the win for his club.


San Jose Earthquakes 3 – 2 LA Galaxy:

  • Oh how people doubted this prediction that San Jose would win, but with the way LA had been playing lately and the moves that San Jose was making this just smelled like an upset.
  • Lots of action from end to end on this one. But who saw that ending to this one?
  • The Arturo Alvarez pickup for the Quakes is going to prove to be a big one, I think he will love being back in San Jose and it definitely showed early in this one.
  • Same goes for the Darren Huckerby signing, he nets his second goal this weekend.
  • Give the Galaxy a bit of credit though, they got their way back into this one but again we see their defense be the reason for another loss here.
  • Both Donovan and Buddle added to their season totals, and Carlos Ruiz was nowhere to be found (yeah he came on late and did nothing in the final 15 minutes).
  • So when is LA going to fix their defense? Last week their excuse was the heat, this week it was what the early start time or the crappy field? Something has to get fixed or this club will miss the playoffs.
  • San Jose is quickly becoming one of those clubs that no one wants to play right now.


FC Dallas 2 – 0 Toronto FC

  • Kenny Cooper scored again…and again for another Dallas win.
  • This game was 10 minutes from being just a 0-0 draw before all hell broke lose. One elbow to Pablo Ricchetti’s face by Amado Guevara put Cooper at the PK spot for the game’s first goal.
  • Minutes later Marco Velez lost his temper and put his team down yet another man.
  • And even the Toronto trainer got the boot. Damn what is going on with this club?
  • Cooper’s second was very pretty, if not the prettiest from this weekend. A nice long-range shot that was low and too hard to get for Toronto keeper Greg Sutton.
  • I thought this game was very evenly played by both clubs up unto that 80th minute elbow in the box.
  • Was that a good call on that Guevara red card? Yes and no, it really was a gutsy call by the official.
  • First home loss in league play since last September by Toronto. Blame it all on the lack of composure here.
  • The lack of offensive options for Toronto right now is just troubling. Will they make a move or not here?
  • For Dallas I wonder if this recent play is a product of playing two clubs not doing well as of late or a product of Schellas Hyndman’s system finally working and paying off? Its a bit of both really.
  • Cannon Girl

    I've waited a long time to say this—My Joe and his Quakes kicked Galaxy butt yesterday!!!!!!!!!!<br />
    Now I must leave you to go brush the confetti out of my hair—WHO-HOOO—GO QUAKES!!!!!!!!!

  • Cannon Girl

    I’ve waited a long time to say this—My Joe and his Quakes kicked Galaxy butt yesterday!!!!!!!!!!
    Now I must leave you to go brush the confetti out of my hair—WHO-HOOO—GO QUAKES!!!!!!!!!