Cardiff City Still Chasing Cooper

Cardiff City Still Chasing Cooper

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 1, 2008
  • Cardiff City, Designated Player, Kenny Cooper, Summer Transfers

Getty ImagesSometimes people just never give up. I know there are some out there that will tell you that you should never give up and it looks like that message rang true to Cardiff City manager Dave Jones. Even though the club has publicly said they would not be interested in selling Cooper this summer, Jones says he isn’t finished chasing SuperCooper.

“It has been made a little bit more difficult because we are dealing far away with the MLS. But is it dead and buried? No, it is not dead and buried yet,” Jones told Welsh tabloid The Western Mail on Thursday. “I did not even know it was supposed to be dead and buried until you told me.”

“With Kenny Cooper everything was quiet, moving along nicely and suddenly all hell breaks loose and other clubs are alerted,” Jones said. “It became a major stumbling block because other clubs made enquiries and why is a player then not going to listen to those?”

Now the fun part comes, should Cardiff City raise their original offer of $4 million to say $5 or even $6 million, would FC Dallas sell their star? A bigger deal like that is going to be very tough to pass up here as most players from MLS don’t get transfer fees that big. Also, what will the Dallas fans think of their club selling him off after their General Manager Michael Hitchcock said they weren’t interested in selling him?

Honestly it would send a lot of mixed messages to fans not just in Dallas but around the league. We know soccer is as much of a business as it is a sport but good business sense would have to come in play if Cardiff were to raise their offer. Just what kind of good business would that actually be out of Dallas?

From what I’ve heard across the pond is supporters of this club like the fact that Jones is trying to spend money but they also think he is wasting money by throwing out high bids like this. They seem to think that even the $4 million offer was a bit on the high end, and honestly I have to agree with them a bit.

Cooper should be getting a new deal from the league very soon and if I were in his shoes I would be demanding it ASAP here. I know the club doesn’t want to put the DP tag on Cooper but it may be time to suck it up, even for the rest of the year, and do it.