Many around Major League Soccer believe that the New England Revolution would benefit from moving out of Foxborough and into a soccer stadium of their own. There had been talks in previous years about a possible move into a such a stadium but so far nothing has come out of it. But the Boston suburb of Somerville is looking to change all of that.

A soccer stadium for the Revs could be on tap for a project to bring some growth to the area. The Krafts have met before with city officials to discuss the possibilities of a stadium in the area.

Stacey James, spokesman for the Kraft group, said, “The Kraft Group has been contacted by officials from multiple municipalities regarding development opportunities. We have had preliminary discussions with Somerville regarding a development project that could potentially include a multi-use soccer stadium.”

The fact that the Krafts are looking at possibilities other than their own Foxborough stadium should be good news to soccer fans in the New England area. Most believe the current NFL stadium is too far out of the way to attend games at, and judging by the average attendance figures the Revs get each year those people are right.

This is all still in a very early stage. No deal is actually on the table yet for a stadium in Somerville but just mentioning the idea is a good start for the Revs. I’ve always been under the impression that the club would evenutally move out of Foxborough and into a stadium of their own before long. Hopefully these talks and projections in the area go well for the two sides and they can get a stadium in place.