WVH Power Rankings: Post All-Star Fun

WVH Power Rankings: Post All-Star Fun

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 29, 2008
  • MLS Power Rankings, Week 18

Getty ImagesHard to believe we are nearly two-thirds the way through this season but man have things flown by here so far. Hell, summer is nearly over (gasp!)! But that shouldn’t slow us down here as there is still a lot of soccer to be played and really anything can happen between now and the end of the year.

But somethings haven’t changed all that much since last week. Sure we had an All-Star game that was a success and five decent games during week 18 but for the most part things haven’t really change, especially up top here.

Let’s see how things shake down (and yes, I did include last night’s game in these rankings):

1. New England Revolution (33 pts., same) – The Revs have to be smiling at the fact that a few teams have now played more games than them and they are still on top of everyone in the league. Still kind of weird to not see them play in the league for a couple weeks here. They’ve been sitting on 33 points for almost a month yet it hasn’t hurt them at all. Amazing.

2. Columbus Crew (31 pts., up 1) – Inching back up the standings are the Crew. Yeah, nice road win Sunday night despite being down a man for the majority of it and getting out shot and out set pieced and everything else by the Rapids. I keep saying it and it must be true but they are they toughest team to beat in this league right now. What’s more impressive is they did it without two of their young stars who were at the Olympics (Ekpo and Rogers). That’s good news for Sigi Schmid.

3. Chicago Fire (26 pts., up 1) – They get the bump because DC has seemingly played themselves back into a funk as of late. Sounds like they finally got some resolution on the Brian McBride deal and they may end up walking out on top of that deal with the way Chad Barrett shots the ball. Still they won’t get McBride until later next month after the Olympics. Let’s hope its not too late for him to get back in gear here for the stretch run because they need some offensive help right now.

4. Real Salt Lake (27 pts., up 1) –Solid win last night at home. I think another draw at home would raise some concerns about this club getting the job done but the late goal definitely erased those concerns for now. Still this club has to get the job done when they get on the road.

5. Houston Dynamo (23 pts., up 1) – Maybe just maybe they are going to carry that SuperLiga momentum back into league play. I have some high hopes that they do and with some of the recent moves that they’ve made they have the chance to really make a run for things if all stay healthy here. They have the experience and the talent to do it, they just have to start winning some games.

6. DC United (22 pts., down 4) – Let’s face it injuries hurt anyone and right now they are killing this club. Too many key players are out (again) with something and it is starting to really show up on the field again. The possession isn’t there and the defense is starting to open back up again. Not a good time for that to happen if I am Tom Soehn.

7. Toronto FC (22 pts., down 1) – Probably lucky not to fall a little further down the list. In all competitions lately they’ve  been a bit of a miss. Ten goals in their last 11 games. Not gonna be good enough. Lucky for them there is a lot of crap below them right now, but clubs like Chivas and KC are getting closer to passing them.

8. Chivas USA (22 pts., same) – No game and no reason to move up or down this week for me. I think this is a solid spot for them based on the teams above them and below them.

9. Kansas City Wizards (22 pts., up 1) – Another draw huh? One thing remains the same about this club though any more, they are getting better. Still got a ways to go both offensively and defensively but can’t deny the seven shutouts that Hartman has this year, they’ve all been earned.

10. FC Dallas (22 pts., up 2) – Big win at home but sadly this may be the highest they will go for a while if Kenny Cooper does indeed leave this club for Europe. The moves are starting to happen with this club as they’ve already made two trades this week and are set to look at some more players on trial as well. The ball is rolling but its still a little slow if they aren’t going to be able to keep Cooper.

11. LA Galaxy (23 pts., down 2) – Blame the heat, blame whatever. This club still shows its inability to stop even a decent offense on a given night. Their lack of possession in the middle of the park is putting too much pressure on their defense, thus still giving up easy goals. Also, they need to dump Carlos Ruiz as fast as possible.

12. New York Red Bulls (22 pts., down 1) – So I suppose these new players aren’t really working out after all. Jorge Rojas looked terrible as a withdrawn striker and had it not been for an own-goal this club would probably be even further down the charts here. Juan Carlos Osorio has to do something soon or his ass will be grass by the end of the year.

13. Colorado Rapids (21 pts., same) – Oh look the Rapids played inconsistent yet again and paid dearly for it. How can you have 17 more corner kicks than the other team and be a man up and still not win at home? I just don’t get it really. Are they even trying to improve this club right now in the transfer window? It doesn’t seem like they are.

14. San Jose Earthquakes (15 pts., same) – They may be in last still but there is a lot of hope and promise out of this club to start to make some moves here up the charts. I like the moves that they are making and I think over time we will see them work out. If they don’t fully work out this season you can bet this club will be much improved going into 2009.