Live Commentary: Galaxy at Dallas

Live Commentary: Galaxy at Dallas

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 27, 2008
  • Carlos Ruiz, David Beckham, Edson Buddle, Juan Toja, Kenny Cooper, Landon Donovan, Live Commentary

Hello, hello from Frisco, TX, time once again for another live commentary of FC Dallas. Today the Hoops host David Beckham and the LA Galaxy.

I will try to do some play-by-play commentary on here for today’s game that looks to be an interesting one for a few reasons. If you have any comments on the game feel free to pipe them in below.


Great game by Dallas from end to end really. They deserved the victory and LA easily deserved that loss.

90th min: Just one minute of extra time…I’m gonna wrap this up later, time for the press conference downstairs!

89th min: GOAL FC DALLAS!!! What a bender by Abe Thompson! May be the best goal of the night! 4-0 Dallas.

87th min: 21,020 in the house tonight…too bad the next home game it won’t be half of that.

85th min: COOPER OFF THE CROSSBAR…that makes three of the woodwork. Gosh what a shot.

84th min: Haha, Cooper tries to beat Cronin from distance…solid effort but Cronin is able to keep it in.

84th min: AVILA WITH A CRACK…OFF THE POST! This kid has some serious talent folks.

83rd min: Almost another chance for Cooper but his header is well high and wide of the goal.

81st min: Donovan with a crack at goal but another timely save by Sala.

80th min: Another Galaxy corner is cleared out by Dallas. They’ve been strong today on defending set pieces.

79th min: Looks like Alan Gordon will come on for LA soon…could they possibly play with four strikers? Wouldn’t shock me if they did…oh and he comes on for Vanney too.

77th min: COOPER! Almost gets his hat trick…damn. Great ball by Thompson though.

76th min: Some nice play out of Dello-Russo…I will admit I’ve never seen him play but so far I am impressed.

75th min: Okay, Wileman is on now for Alvarez. First MLS game for the kid. The Galaxy are finally getting subs ready here. Too little too late if you ask me.

73th min: Three straight corners for the Galaxy…all close but Dallas is able to get them all away. I wonder what happened to that Wileman sub, I guess they had to get Oduro out first.

72nd min: Abe Thompson coming on for probably Oduro who has been cramping up like no other here in the last few…

69th min: Chase Wileman coming on soon…another debut. Wow, gutsy subs by Hyndman if you ask me.

67th min: Way wrong, Dello-Russo on for Rocha. Wow, debut for the kid.

64th min: Dello-Russo coming on for Dallas…my bet its either Avila or Alvarez coming off.

63rd min: A lot of back and forth action here folks…getting very interesting.

61th min: BUDDLE HEADER ON GOAL….SAVE SALA!! Great save on the header!

61th min: COOPER TO ROCHA! Ah, Rocha puts a little too much on it after Cooper serves one up on a silver platter to him.

60th min: Hour mark…Dallas has all their subs up and getting ready, LA bench is quiet…just a bunch of guys sitting around. Then again Gullit has very little attacking options left on there. What bring on Ely Allen or Mike Randolph?

59th min: Things are getting a bit chippy here…the ref is starting to call a lot against Dallas, that’s what happens when you have a three goal lead.

56th min: Another Sir David freebie…goes nowhere…wasted really.

52nd min: More Galaxy possession earns them a free kick…Sir David takes it, but it is cleared out easily by Dallas.

51st min: Beckham with a chance…and wide again. Galaxy only had 4 shots total in the first half to Dallas’s 10…oh yeah and none of those were on goal for the Galaxy. That has to change here in this half. So far its remaining the same.

47th min: ODURO HITS THE POST! AH! And Cooper comes close on the follow header. Good to see Dallas not take the foot off the pedal.

47th min: Good possession by Dallas early on, Rocha gets a nice chance on net but punched out by Cronin.

45th min: Second half is underway….let’s see how the Galaxy respond to this beating. Franklin is on for Pires for LA. Good sun, Pires was a total waste in the first half for LA.

HALFTIME: FC Dallas 3 – 0 LA Galaxy:

This is the passion we were wanting to see out of this Dallas club earlier in the year. They’ve totally outplayed the Galaxy today on all ends of the field. The Galaxy have really looked terrible today, lack of possession, too much in the long ball and really no energy out there. But if there is any club in the league that can score in bunches it is the Galaxy so this one isn’t over yet. I think Dallas fans would want one more (preferably from Cooper) to really seal the deal.

44th min: Nice defense by Dallas today…Pitchkolan has looked solid this half, each time he continues to slow Buddle down.

41st min: Another give away by the Galaxy in the midfield leads to another good Dallas chance, this time by Rocha. Just not enough mustard on that one to get by Cronin though.

40th min: Decent chance for the Galaxy, Donovan plays a nice ball to the wings for Klein, who was wide open, but Klein shows his scoring ways aren’t what they use to be.

36th min: GOAL FC DALLAS!! Dominic Oduro gets a great ball from Alvarez and he quickly speeds past the Galaxy defense and by Cronin. 3-0 Dallas….wow just wow.

30th min: Still a lot of good possession out of Dallas here, plenty of decent balls being sent in the box, Hyndman has to be pleased with his club’s effort so far.

30th min: Gotta love it, Sala is already milking the clock.

25th min: Horrible no call on a clear breakaway for Oduro, Vanney brings him down but no call. Terrible that was a clear foul and probably a clear red card since Oduro was in on goal alone.

23rd min: Avila with a GREAT ball into the box but Alvarez isn’t able to put home the golden chance. Should be 4-0 right now but those two just got away from Dallas.

22nd min: ODURO! So close! But no goal, he whiffs at one and Cronin picks it up. Birdman is having a solid game so far.

21th min: LA is just too jumbled in the middle of the park here, this isn’t U-6 soccer here…six or seven white right around one another

20th min: Think those two Cooper goals will get him some better offers than $4 million? Dallas needs to keep him as long as they can to get a better offer!

19th min: Let’s hope Dallas doesn’t just sit on this lead. LA has the firepower to get back in this one in a hurry.

17th min: GOAL FC DALLAS…wow. A great break away chance by Dallas with Oduro and Cooper, a great give and go and Cooper puts home his second in two minutes! 2-0 Dallas.

15th min: GOAL FC DALLAS….great individual skill by Kenny Cooper. Just a nifty dribble by a defender and a beautiful low shot to the near post. 1-0 Dallas.

13th min: Love watching the Galaxy play when they get possession…its long ball city!

10th min: Nice early possession out of Dallas, but can they keep it up?

9th min: Ugly give away by the Galaxy in the middle of the park leads to a nice shot from distance out of Rocha…but too easy for Cronin. Yikes, attack the middle if your Dallas, the Galaxy look terrible in that area, the wings are solid but the middle is definitely a weakness of this club.

7th min: Toja is “out” with a quad injury. But he is here in the stadium.

6th min: Beckham free kick…goes well wide…no bend on that ball

5th min: Dallas supporters are chanting “Dallas Reject” to I think Cronin…or maybe Vanney…or maybe Ruiz

3rd min: Dominguez has the duty today to mark Cooper…that should be a great battle.

2nd min: Sala in the road blue kit for his keeper jersey today…his sky blue kit must be dirty or something…

1st min: And here we go…


PREGAME: People still love Beckham here…lots of cheers for him when he walked on the pitch…boos all around for Donovan and Ruiz though.

Late arriving crowd as always…I have to admit that is a big pet peeve of mine but what can you do when it takes forever to get to Frisco and the traffic stinks in the Metroplex, plus its HOT out.


PREGAME: Decent looking crowd as always for a Beckham game…may be another sellout, but on a day that’s 102 out it’s really hard to tell how many will actually show up. Thankfully its nice and cool inside the pressbox.


PREGAME: Starters for Dallas:

Sala, Moor, Davino, Pitchkolen, Serioux, Rocha, Avila, Ricchetti, Alvarez, Cooper, Oduro

….Nice, finally seeing rookie Eric Avila in the starting lineup, a move I really like out of Schellas Hyndman. Plus a 4-4-2 should work a bit better than the ol’ 3-5-2.

No Toja. Not even listed on the bench. Yeah, he’s totally gone.


PREGAME: Starters for LA:

Cronin, Klein, Dominguez, Vanney, Jazic, Beckham, Pires, Vagenas, Buddle, Donovan, Ruiz

Dominguez gets his first start for the Galaxy I believe. The three headed monster up top with Buddle, Donovan and Ruiz…damn that is just nasty.


PREGAME: A couple story lines to follow today…the possible last much for guys like Cooper (new offer from English side Cardiff City for $4 million), Toja, and Buddle.

Also, the Serioux/Beckham battle should be interesting. Those two nearly went at it last time these two faced each other here.