WVH Power Rankings: Week 17 Movers and Shakers

WVH Power Rankings: Week 17 Movers and Shakers

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 22, 2008
  • MLS Power Rankings, Week 17

Getty ImagesAnother week of only a few games, and a couple of SuperLiga contests for MLS clubs. The thing about this week in league play was the draw. Five games saw five draws. A cool 14 goals overall for the week, not bad for five games but when six of them come from one game and two of the five are scoreless draws, its obvious to me that there is still a bit of parity going on this season.

Not too many clubs are moving away from one another. A lot of compactness going on in the middle of the table (10 clubs separated by 10 points or less).

So who were those movers and shakers? Let’s see (note, tonight’s game won’t be included in this week’s rankings but in week 18’s):

1. New England Revolution (33 pts., same) – While teams are catching up to this club in the games played department, the Revs remain the top dog. Things are still tight in the east and once the Revs get back into league play they have to continue their SuperLiga momentum, which by the way is looking pretty good at the moment.

2. DC United (22 pts., same) – Their lucky the three game slide in SuperLiga doesn’t affect their rankings in league play. Had it they would be back down this list. But I am giving them the benefit of the doubt for the time being that it was just not their year to win an international competition. If they can regroup in league play they could make a charge at the Revs.

3. Columbus Crew (28 pts., same) – Showed again how tough they are to beat. Go down 2-0 in a span of 3 minutes, then to only come back and take the lead within another 15 minutes. Still their defense has some work to do in order to close out games down the stretch. Also, I’d love to see them go after an attacking midfielder to give Schelotto some extra space to do his thing.

4. Chicago Fire (25 pts., same) – Can’t knock this club down for hitting the post a few times against RSL at home. I felt they played pretty well in that game. It screamed a draw though from the start as they were pretty evenly matched. Still saying that the offense still needs a bit of work. The defense seems solid as ever though.

5. Real Salt Lake (24 pts., up 2) – I will admit, I was highly impressed with this club on Saturday. They haven’t fully won me over yet but they are starting to do a damn good job of it. I’m still puzzled that Javier Morales isn’t an All-Star. Certainly one of the most underrated players going in the league today.

6. Toronto FC (22 pts., down 1) – Starting to slide now that I look deeper into this club. Ten goals in their last nine league games. Yeah, just 10. That doesn’t cut it folks. I think karma is starting to bite them in the ass a bit on not getting this Brian McBride deal finished. They still need another striker, and fast! I will say that Abdus Ibrahim is starting to look like the real deal here.

7. Houston Dynamo (20 pts., down 1) – Hey they advanced in SuperLiga and have a real shot at winning it this year if they can win another home game this week. Let’s just hope they carry whatever momentum from SuperLiga into league play.

8. Chivas USA (22 pts., same) – Unlucky not to advance in SuperLiga but this club showed a lot in those three games. I must say I was impressed. Dan Kennedy got some much needed playing time in that environment, he looks like he will be alright in league play after watching him in SuperLiga.

9. LA Galaxy (23 pts., same) – Had to bank of the luck of Landon Donovan late to get them a draw on the road. This club will get better in the coming weeks, that I am sure but they have to get some points quickly before Donovan heads off for World Cup qualifiers. Still no word on if they really will sale Carlos Ruiz or if they will try to sort it out with him there. He looked pretty good on Saturday.

10. Kansas City Wizards (21 pts., same) – They made the jump a week ago but were unable to hold on to anything in Columbus. Those two goal leads really are the easiest to give up. But kudos for getting the draw at least. Nice to see Josh Wolff back in the league and scoring again too! Still, that defense leaves little to be desired at the moment.

11. New York Red Bulls (21 pts., up 2) – Another mover this week, mostly due to the play of Jorge Rojas and Juan Pablo Angel. If Angel is indeed healthy again this club could move back up here. Thing is that defense still has a lot of work to do. They were lucky not to get beat by the Galaxy by a couple goals. This seems like a solid ranking for them for the time being.

12. FC Dallas (19 pts., down 1) – I think I’ve lost count now about how many games FC Dallas has had the lead but then only to blow it late. Its at least nearly every one of their draws that come to mind. But I will say that potential moves on the way could change this club for the better. I just hope they patch up that defense and continues to make poor errors early and late, that’s what is costing them those points…especially at home.

13. Colorado Rapids (21 pts., down 1) – I still can’t move this club too high, hell they even dropped this week even with the come from behind draw on the road. Still, it was a lucky draw for the most part because Dallas had the better chances. Are they going to make moves this summer to improve their standing? They should because even with a lame duck coach they are still in contention for a playoff spot here.

14. San Jose Earthquakes (14 pts., same) – Another solid draw but another weekend of zero offense on the road. I was happy with Darren Huckerby though, I thik he will end up as a good signing for this club in the end. Too bad this club still has a long way to go to catch anyone in this league, even a club like Colorado or FC Dallas.