Weekend Recap: Ties All Around

Weekend Recap: Ties All Around

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 21, 2008
  • MLS Weekend Recaps, Week 17

Getty ImagesWhile some are still discussing the Crew-West Ham incident from this weekend, I think I am already done with the story after talking to some people in Columbus this morning about it. While the Crew fans will get the press here in the States, it should be noted that it was pretty much all the West Ham fans that got involved and did most of this.

This makes me wonder about Thursday’s All-Star game in Toronto.

Anyways, let’s shift focus on the weekend that was in Major League Soccer. I couldn’t think of the last time that one week produced no winners and no losers. Five games in week 17 gave us five draws. Two 0-0 scorelines, two games with 2-2, and the Thursday night clash in Columbus that gave us six goals all together.

Very interesting weekend that is for sure. None were really too surprising though, but I will say a few points about the teams that blew the leads or couldn’t score in a minute.

Solid attendance figures as well this weekend. Sure 12k in Dallas probably looked more like 8k but we all know those Hunt teams like to inflate their numbers by now right?

Toronto FC 0 – 0 San Jose Earthquakes:

  • I think for Toronto, their schedule has been so damn packed lately. They haven’t been able to spend time on their offensive issues here and its still eatting away at each game right now. Ten goals in nine games just don’t do it in this league folks.
  • Give major props to Joe Cannon for this one, he probably had the best weekend for any keeper really.
  • Oh yeah, and that PK save by Cannon was vintage Cannon if you ask me. I hate to say it though he won’t win player of the week (Schelotto had the best week of anyone to be honest) with this performance. But he is a very, very close second in that race in my book.
  • Speaking of that PK, it was a terrible call to award Toronto the PK in the first place. Sure there was contact in the box but it was not a foul. I guess karma bit Toronto in the ass for that one.
  • Three new comers in the lineup for San Jose (Darren Huckerby, Scott Sealy, and Francisco Lima). All saw limited time but I will saw that Huckerby looked the best out of the three.
  • This game showed just how badly Toronto needs another scorer on their roster. The chances were there, by the bundle but they just can’t seem to get it taken care of in the box. Maybe it is high time that they get that McBride deal done.


New York Red Bulls 2 – 2 LA Galaxy:

  • Not the nine goal match from a year ago but this one certainly had its moments. It makes me wish both were top clubs in the league because it could be one hell of a rivalry. The atmosphere was a little less than last time (in terms of butts-in-seats) but the game still provided a nice entertainment value and was a lot of fun to watch.
  • Jorge Rojas may be the best pickup for New York. He helped put the two goals together for a club that was lacking some of that creative juice in the middle. I liked it.
  • All goals had a little something to them. That’s a sign of an interesting game, when all the goals add some value to the contest (and not in just scoreboard terms).
  • Goal of the week may have been Juan Pablo Angel’s ankle breaker on Greg Vanney. Hell, if it was good enough to be on SportsCenter’s top plays the next morning, it should be good enough to win goal of the week right?
  • Landon Donovan’s little floater over Red Bull keeper Jon Conway still gives me reason to say that Conway is still one of the most overrated keepers in the league. Way to blow it buddy, way to blow it.
  • Another game where the ref tried to be more involved them he should be. Bad cards all around, while he was letting some chippy play go. Be consistent people, come on!
  • I still want to see more out of these new Red Bull players though. Rojas is good but what about the others? If they make the impact that Rojas made Saturday, then New York will compete.


Chicago Fire 0 – 0 Real Salt Lake:

  • Jon Busch, Nick Rimando: I hope you both kissed the wood work after this one. It save both of your asses a few times on Saturday night.
  • Okay, I know I was hard on RSL earlier about their road play but they impressed me in this one. They didn’t back down from the strong play from the Fire and I think they forgot where they were for a few because they looked good at times.
  • Loads of good chances for both clubs. You can say they were playing like typical Chad Barrett or RSL attackers by missing open shots but there isn’t too much you can do when you get robed time and time again by the wood work.
  • Some real solid play by the Fire throughout this one. Lots of counter attacking from them, which I liked really. They just struggled to put it home in the end.
  • Fire still remain the toughest defense in the league, but RSL is right up there with them.
  • RSL now is 1-6-1 on the road. First draw away from home. A very hard faught on indeed. Still, they need to find some sort of balance away from home right now if they want to keep their lead in the west.


FC Dallas 2 – 2 Colorado Rapids:

  • Defensive mistakes cost FC Dallas yet again. What else is new?
  • Defensive mistakes and inconsistent play cost Colorado yet again. What else is new?
  • Kenny Cooper continues to be one of the most consistent offensive players in this league. He creates chances and really give this club a chance.
  • I will say that its nice to see Juan Toja starting to pick things up again. Maybe that All-Star selection was all he needed. Or maybe he is showing off for his possible up-coming transfer to Europe. You be the judge there.
  • I think its fair to say that Schellas Hyndman will want to find a wingback in his scouting abroad right now. I know his assistant coach, John Ellinger, is in South America right now. John, find this club some defense right away!
  • To be fair, the Rapids could use some defensive help of their own. And some offensive help. Their inconsistency continues to amaze me from each week. But at least they can say they haven’t lost two in a row right now (two straight draws). But they can’t say they’ve won two straight either.
  • Typical Colorado fashion on the road, get the game tied up and then hold on for dear life in the end. Dallas had a number of close chances late in the game that could have sealed it for them.
  • Was it me or did the Colorado broadcast crew have a new play-by-play guy calling this game? I watched highlights earlier and realized it wasn’t the same loof that called games earlier in the year.