MLS To Step Into The McBride Saga?

MLS To Step Into The McBride Saga?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 16, 2008
  • Brian McBride, Don Garber, Summer Transfers, Trades

Oh, this just seems like the story that won’t go away and people like myself continue to beat it like a dead horse in some ways. But some new developments in the Brian McBride to Chicago story have come to the surface over the last couple of hours. Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber and the rest of the league’s front office may be stepping in to the deal if Toronto and Chicago continue to not play nice with one another.

“The league, at some point, has to determine whether we get involved,” Garber said of the McBride allocation situation.

“We’ll manage through it, like everything else with us,” Garber said. “They always come down to the wire and we generally have gotten them resolved.

“The league doesn’t want to get involved and our hope is that we won’t get involved,” Garber said. “We hope that the market and common sense prevails.”

“Hopefully both (Toronto) and Chicago will realize that it’s in their mutual best interests, and the interest of our fans, to have Brian (McBride) in the league and to have Toronto get some benefit by being in the spot that they were in.”

We all pretty much knew that before long the league would get involved here with these two clubs and get this sorted out, even if it meant another sticky situation. Garber’s comments on Wednesday were the first public statements made by the league on the situation.

I’d love nothing more than to see the league stay out of this deal really. Had this been as much as two or three years ago we know the league would have stepped in well before now to handle this because there weren’t as many owners around the league. Now days nearly every club has an owner and not being handled by the league, AEG, the Hunts, or the Krafts. So of course with these two clubs having new owners the league needs to stay out of it and let them handle it, even if it means no deal being done.

I know Chicago fans want to see McBride in a Fire uniform and they will before long, I just hope that it doesn’t come at the expence of Toronto fans. It never looks good when one club gets better than the other because the league stepped in and did something about a deal that proves to be uneven.

What do you make of these new developments? Should the league stay out of it or get involved so we can stop talking about it already? Further more what should the deal really be to be fair to both sides here? Let’s hear it.

  • Mr Red

    We'll get screwed in the end…. just watch…… the league has done it before….. thats the kind of bush league the MLS is …..

  • Mr Red

    We’ll get screwed in the end…. just watch…… the league has done it before….. thats the kind of bush league the MLS is …..