More on the McBride File

More on the McBride File

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 14, 2008
  • Brian McBride, Jeff Cunningham, Summer Transfers, Trades

As we all know this Brian McBride deal to Chicago via Toronto hasn’t gone nearly as some would have liked. Well most of those people being in the Windy City at least would have liked this deal to be handled a little sooner but just as we all know by now that hasn’t happened and this deal is still stuck on the wall.

We’ve talked about this in length for months now it seems, we even talked about a third club coming into the mix and being apart of the deal.

I still believe that IF a deal gets done it will be with a third club. So far Mo Johnston and Toronto aren’t moving on a deal because they want a certain player (or two), Chicago isn’t willing enough to give up some young players to Toronto for an aged striker like McBride.

Neither want to “help” the other get better in a deal. That we all know.

After watching the two sides play this past weekend I can’t help but think that Toronto should go after John Thorrington in this deal now. I know they want Justin Mapp or Chris Rolfe, and I know they need some new blood at striker right now or at least in their attack. Thorrington would add some more depth in the midfield and as we have been able to see time and time again he continues to save the Fire late in big time spots.

I know his name isn’t the flashiest or the sexiest out there but its starting to sound good to me.

There is also the third club in this deal. That club should be Dallas in my mind. Dallas wants another striker and Toronto has a striker that they can part with to free up some space in order to get another striker in the summer transfer window.

I know Dallas fans won’t like the idea of it since this player is not getting any younger but I could see Jeff Cunningham be apart of this deal and be in the discussion with Dallas. Again, not the sexiest but it could work so stay with me.

Chicago sends Thorrington and money to Toronto, then Toronto sends McBride’s rights, Cunningham, and maybe a second player or money to Dallas, the Hoops then send McBride to Chicago.

I include Dallas fora  couple reasons. First, they are looking for new parts like a striker to go along with Kenny Cooper. Now I don’t know if Cunningham is really the right part and in all likelihood he isn’t going to work that well with Cooper. I just know Toronto is looking to move him and Dallas is looking for a new striker. Secondly, Toronto owes Dallas big time for the Abdus “Ibee” Ibrahim deal from a few weeks back. I know most Dallas fans would agree that the Reds got a hell of a steal in Ibrahim.

To me this is going to be the kind of deal that will have to take place in order to get this done. McBride can and probably will continue to wait until anything happens here. There’s still a very good chance that we won’t even see him in a Fire uniform this season because Johnston and Toronto aren’t “playing nice” as some would put it here. Toronto won’t have the allocation spot forever, that order will change next year due to how the clubs finish at the end of the season.

I know this all goes into the “call me crazy” category here but the more I think about this deal the more I would like to see Dallas get involved. They won’t, probably because new head coach Schellas Hyndman probably doesn’t want to get his trading feet wet just yet in the league.

Its not a matter of who holds the cards anymore. Chicago can sit and wait, so can McBride and so can Toronto. The Reds are making deals and will be adding players soon too. Something else could fall into their lap again that could be better than McBride anyways.

At this point its all “wait and see” for this deal. A month ago I thought we would have something in place for tomorrow’s opening of the summer transfer window. But soccer doesn’t always work out that way. Why? Because it is a business and business men have to look out for themselves and their clubs first. That’s what each party is doing here.

So for now we wait. Will a club like Dallas get in the mix? We will see, that’s for sure. I think all the talk about LA or Houston being in the mix was just talk. Columbus would love to have McBride but that isn’t happening either at this point.

So what do you all think will actually happen now? McBride waits it out for next year? Chicago “caves in” on a deal? A club like Dallas gets involved? What?