Has Guzan Played His Last Match With Chivas?

Has Guzan Played His Last Match With Chivas?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 11, 2008
  • Aston Villa, Brad Guzan, Summer Transfers

From the sounds of everything last night in the Honda SuperClasico, Chivas USA keeper Brad Guzan seemingly played his last game for the Red-and-White. After the 1-1 tie against the Galaxy, Guzan didn’t exactly say anything to dismiss the rumors of a possible transfer to EPL side Aston Villa in his post-match interview with ESPN’s Allen Hopkins.

“I know there’s some talks going on and obviously we’re kind of seeing what happens in the next couple of days here,” Guzan said of rumors of a potential move to Aston Villa. “I hope for the best result for everybody involved.”

But the most glaring talk came next, when Guzan opened up about this time with Chivas a bit more and of the league as well.

“It’s been absolutely unbelievable,” Guzan said of his time in MLS. “Obviously being able to stay at a club for three and a half years, learning and growing as a player, as a person, I’ve been very thankful for Chivas USA and everything they’ve done for me.

“And obviously the league has made tremendous strides and hopefully it’ll keep going in the right direction.”

To me that sounds like a guy that is on the move. Typically you say stuff like that at either the end of your career or when you are about to move on from a club. Now thing could still happen and the transfer to Villa could still end up not going down like it did back in January.

Most speculate that Guzan won’t be denied any sort of work permit this time around to go aboard to play in the EPL. That was his major hurdle last time around and he has played more for the National team since then, which should help his case out a bit. Even if he is close to the percentage that he needs for the permit, he can always go to a special permit court to get it taken care of a bit easier.

What Chivas is looking at next is a glaring hole in between the pipes if Guzan does leave this summer. With the lack of depth already in question in other areas, along with the on-going injury problems that this club has seen this season, if Guzan leaves it will be mighty hard for this club to bounce back from it.

Yes, Guzan is that important to this club.

Time will tell what actually happens here but from the looks of things we are seeing another thing remain constant, another American keeper going to Europe. I wish him the best of luck either way really.