Primetime Preview: Double the Fun

Primetime Preview: Double the Fun

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 10, 2008
  • MLS Primetime Thursday

Tonight we get not only one MLS Primetime Thursday match on ESPN2 but a second match that kicks off before the ESPN2 clash out west. Rarely do we get this much action for a week night but its July and the schedule is beginning to get wacky with all the extra games going on with clubs in the league.

New York Red Bulls – at – Kansas City Wizards: Two clubs that are nearly begging for a win right now. Their current form isn’t anything worth bragging about and a win would easily give them a lift and a loss would do nothing more than make them count the days until their new transfers can begin playing with them.

New York had a terrible time of things a week ago in the US Open Cup (loss to USL2 side Crystal Palace Baltimore) and in league play were they were blown out (4-0 by the Colorado Rapids). Kansas City was second away from their second straight win but they came up short once again thanks to a late Dallas goal on the 4th of July in Frisco, Texas.

The Red Bulls just need to make it alive to next week I think for when their new players can come on board. I think a lot of anxiety is surrounding this club because of those moves. Some players probably know they are close to being traded or cut all together to make way for some new guys. Either way its a sticky situation to be in.

For both clubs gaining some consistency going into the second half of the season is where they need to be at. I think more importantly for the Wizards, finding out more about themselves at home is key right now. They’ve seen the majority of their schedule be on the road thus far this year and a home game hasn’t come too often. A win would be big and much needed. Considering how they handle business on the road, they have to get a win tonight.

I think KC comes out strong but to only give up another late goal in this one for a draw. New York gets a bit of a lift by Juan Pablo Angel being back in the line up. This won’t be the best game of the night but it certainly should provide enough to tide us all over for the second game of the night.

WVH Prediction: KC 1, New York 1


Chivas USA – at – LA Galaxy: Time Primtime clash between the top two clubs in the west. Both with 21 points, a win would lift one to the top while a loss would probably signify something else about the losing club…they just aren’t that good probably.

Chivas is on a bit of a roll and got a nice boost from Ante Razov last week in their win over San Jose. The late free kick goal should be enough to motivate this club to overcome the huge blow in their previous encounter earlier this season where the Galaxy dominated Chivas in a 5-2 thriller.

LA needs a bounce back here at home. They haven’t played well as of late against strong competition from the eastern conference. Losing a couple tough games that showed off their biggest weaknesses in defense. In fact, while the Goats are coming into this with a three game unbeaten streak; the Galaxy are in a three game winless streak of their own.

I look for this match to be extremely physical. Maybe not any red cards but definitely a fair share of yellows. Probably lots of goals like the first match from earlier in the season but not as big of a margin in victory for whoever. This one is going to be tighter due to Chivas’s recent form. If anyone in the west is going to knock down LA it’s going to be Chivas.

I see the Galaxy escaping this one though with a narrow victory due to some strong play from guys like Landon Donovan and David Beckham. They are amped up for this one. Chivas has the offense to stay with LA but just not enough in the end.

WVH Prediction: LA 3, Chivas 2

  • Sean

    There's a nationally televised game at KC? God. That's really showing off the good side of the league.

  • Drew Epperley

    I forgot to mention Sean that it's only on local and Direct Kick (or MLStv)…not ESPN2, sorry for any confusion

  • Sean

    There’s a nationally televised game at KC? God. That’s really showing off the good side of the league.

  • I forgot to mention Sean that it’s only on local and Direct Kick (or MLStv)…not ESPN2, sorry for any confusion