Interesting Thought

Interesting Thought

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 9, 2008
  • MLS Cup, Supporter's Shield, US Open Cup

While fishing around on a site that I normally stay away from I across this thread on BigSoccer. The poster (Onionsack) brought up a very, very interesting point about the top domestic titles in the US.

Onionsack brings the point:

Since MLS started in 1996 there has NEVER been a season in which one of Chicago, DC, or LA has NOT won a major domestic trophy.

1996 – DC (MLS Cup, US Open Cup)
1997 – DC (MLS Cup)
1998 – Chicago (MLS Cup, US Open Cup) LA – (SS)
1999 – DC (MLS Cup, SS)
2000 – Chicago (US Open Cup)
2001 – LA (US Open Cup)
2002 – LA (MLS Cup, SS)
2003 – Chicago (US Open Cup)
2004 – DC (MLS Cup)
2005 – LA (MLS Cup, US Open Cup)
2006 – DC (SS), Chicago (US Open Cup)
2007 – DC (SS)

2008- ?

Of course it helps that all three have been in MLS Cups for the most part of the league’s history and that the Fire have been a pretty dominate side in the US Open Cup since their first season back in 1998.

Is this the year it ends though? DC moved on last night to keep the US Open Cup bid alive, all are somewhat still in the mix for both the Supporter’s Shield and MLS Cup at this point.

I always find points and stats like these to be very interesting. I am going to try to spend part of the day if I can coming up with some other stats to throw out your way, particularly how clubs have ended up each year at the midway point and put it into context for this year’s season.

Surprised by these stats? Its not saying these are the league’s ‘super clubs’ or anything like that but they certainly have the biggest trophy cases of any clubs in the league!