WVH Power Rankings: Revs Continue Pace

WVH Power Rankings: Revs Continue Pace

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 1, 2008
  • Week 14

Week 14 is down the drain. Due to my lack of time these will be a bit quick this week.

1. New England Revolution (30 pts., same) – No need to move the Revs, their home dominance over Toronto clearly showed that they aren’t ready to give up the top spot. Oh yeah, and Taylor Twellman returned to action. So does that mean this club will continue to play well? We will see.

2. Columbus Crew (26 pts., up 2) –Easily had to move the Crew back to the two-spot. This club is really impressing me here lately. Big test coming up in Chicago, who is hungry for a win and a goal. Columbus knows all about streaks like that.

3. DC United (22 pts., up 2) – Another strong showing at home. Unbeaten in their last seven, 18 goals in that span. Yikes, look out everyone else…okay mainly look out New England and Columbus. Also getting Ben Olsen back is a huge thing for this club.

4. Toronto FC (21 pts., down 2) – Tough show on the road. Though losing at New England right now isn’t a terrible thing. They just have to find that consistent play on the road. Once they do that they will be fine. Still a playoff contender in my mind though.

5. LA Galaxy (21 pts., down 3) – I knew the game with DC would be a high scoring one but I figured the offense would have come to play a bit more. Their defense was torn to shreds and looked like maybe we over thought this club a bit too much here recently. They still have time to grow but could easily need some help with the transfer window opening up soon.

6. Houston Dynamo (19 pts., same) – No where else to go for the Dynamo. They probably should have won their game with Dallas this past week but luckily for them everyone else around them or below them didn’t fair too well this week. We still know about their offensive struggles though. Hard to believe their record is 4-4-7 right now.

7. Chivas USA (18 pts., up 1) – Probably should have won as well at home against New York. Anytime you hold the possession like they did, you should win. I wonder what they would be like offensively with Maykel Galindo right now. Though there is some talk that they may make a move to get Carlos Ruiz off of LA’s hands here soon.

8. Chicago Fire (19 pts., down 2) – No goals in 333-minutes. No wins since the end of May. Not beating an expansion club at home shows off more problems than we want to probably admit with this club though.

9. New York Red Bulls (20 pts., up 1) – Nice road draw. Still shows some offensive struggles as well as some defensive mis-cues. They clearly need a healthy Juan Pablo Angel here, maybe against Colorado that will happen.

10. Real Salt Lake (19 pts., down 1) – Should have known this was too good to be true for RSL. The own-goal was a huge momentum killer as well.

11. FC Dallas (17 pts., same) – Kenny Cooper continues to do it on his own. But more importantly Dallas showed some signs of life in the second half against Houston to win the El Captian for the first time.

12. Kanas City Wizards (16 pts., up 1) – Moved up but not by much despite the win. But a win is a win for this club right now. They will take any points (and goals) that they can get.

13. Colorado Rapids (16 pts., down 1) – Clearly missed Christian Gomez in the middle for this one, but even he probably wouldn’t have been enough to hold off Columbus on Saturday. This club just doesn’t look hungry for points these days. Why more people aren’t talking about the sacking of Fernando Clavjio is beyond me.

14. San Jose Earthquakes (12 pts., same) – Defensively they looked great at Chicago. Offensively they looked like a PDL team. One shot on goal just doesn’t get it done.