I know that headline has been written once before, or maybe in another form but it appears that this time it is for real. Some of my sources say FC Dallas is set to name SMU head coach Schellas Hyndman as its new head coach and will announce the signing later this week.

I wasn’t told if he would hired as the head coach and as the technical director as previously reported. My bet is that double hiring is still going to happen. I’d honestly be shocked to see it does not happen as a duel hire.

My opinion really hasn’t changed on this matter. Its nothing against Hyndman but I honestly believe he isn’t the right hire for this club at the moment. He comes into a mess of a club for the most part from the front office down to the reserve roster. He isn’t likely to bring that much of an impact and is really just a personal hire of the owners.

I doubt a better hire would have been done by GM Michael Hitchcock either though. So it makes sense for the owners to get someone they want and not someone the GM wants. They’ve seen the GM doesn’t deal well with the coaches at this club. And its pretty apparent that whoever the GM wanted would have been a lame duck anyways.

Dave Sarachan and Oscar Pareja were probably two better choices, I still wanted to see Pareja get the nod but it still looks like Colin Clark wanted his old SMU coach at the helm of his club. My mind may change once I am around Hyndman more but for the most part its not the best of moves for this club.

Also, I still think with this hire, especially if its the duel-role hire like I think it is, Hyndman will coach the rest of this season and then find another coach for the club. I seriously believe he will then take on just the role of technical director (Hitchcock will more than likely be out of the picture by then as well). Sort of like Mo Johnston in Toronto. He can find talent, I will say that, and that is why I am feeling this way.

No word yet on what this means for current interim coach Marco Ferruzzi. I honestly think he should have just been given the keys to the car for the rest of the year here. But I suppose not.

Then again you just never know. What do you all make of this hire? Wrong move or right?

UPDATE: Just noticed this news over on Ives’ site as well (though I think he beat me to the punch). Lots of interesting comments on his post about this matter.