Thursday Recap: All Things Square In Texas

Thursday Recap: All Things Square In Texas

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 26, 2008
  • Game Recaps, MLS Primetime Thursday

Something about the season series between Houston and Dallas just screamed to be even this year. We start out with a 3-3 draw, move forward to a 2-2 draw, and then tonight finish up the season series with a 1-1 draw.

Yeah, you just don’t see a season series end up working out like that. Three draws. Yeah.

Obviously it was a game that was different in each half of play. I really felt Houston dominated the first half, you know the half that wasn’t seen on TV because of some WNBA game. Yeah, I bet that pissed a few people off around the country. It got me upset for about three seconds when I realized to tune to my best friend Seriously folks, if you have the ability to use that site, do it.

Back to the game though, as said before Houston controlled the opening half of play. The goal off of Brian Ching’s heat was a nice one. Some real good run of play action from the men in Orange leading up to that goal. Dallas really sat back and just watched the play develop and happen. Something you can’t do, certainly on the road against your top rival.

The second 45 was a little differnet tone. Dallas came out with a little more energy and was rewarded after the hour mark. Kenny Cooper provided another nice header for the game. A sweet cross from Juan Toja. That my friends was the kind of stuff we expect out of Mr. Toja.

The energy was good in the second half from both sides. Lots of end to end action. A bit chippy though at times. We saw our fair share of cards in the second half. Dallas got extremely lucky not to be down a man when Pablo Ricchetti pulled down Stuart Holden on a breakaway chance. Probably should have been a red card but the ref deemed it just a yellow.

I loved the second half subs by new Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman. Bringing on Dominic Oduro was exactly what the club needed. The seemed to get a better spark with the Birdman on the pitch. Also the Dax McCarty sub looked pretty good as did the debute of Eric Avila (though I would have liked to have seen more than seven minutes or so of him).

Houston was a bit unlucky in this one in either a call not going their way or a bounce not happening for them. They probably should have won based on the amount of chances that they had on net. Give a lot of credit to Dallas keeper Dario Sala for coming up big in some spots when he needed to.

I think the Dynamo are clearly showing just how badly they need another striker. Their defense is solid and their midfield can possess the ball like it’s nobody’s business. But when it comes to finishing, other than Ching and Dwayne De Rosario they have next to nothing going for them. Of their team’s 17 goals, Ching and DeRo account for 10 of them. Someone else really needs to step up or they need to bring someone else in to get the job done. I just don’t know if they are a contender at this point because of that very reason.

Same in some respects could be said about Dallas. Aside from Cooper they really lack a second option up top. But their other issues may be a bit bigger than just getting another scorer at this point.

Hard to believe that this season series ended in a draw. El Captian will have to be decided elsewhere this year in either the US Open Cup or the playoffs later on if these two clubs end up facing one another in one (or both) of those competitions.

EDIT: Apparently the El Capitan has been awarded to FC Dallas this year due to a tiebreaker that I wasn’t aware of. Dallas outscored Houston 4-2 on road goals and was given the cannon. I honestly thought they would try to use another game as a tie breaker but I guess not!