WVH Power Rankings: Teams Bunch Up In Week 13

WVH Power Rankings: Teams Bunch Up In Week 13

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 24, 2008
  • MLS Power Rankings, Week 13

One thing we always see from year to year is around the end of June and the start of July a couple clubs will pull away, others will bunch up together and one or two will be left in everyone else’s dust. The 2008 edition of Major League Soccer is really no different, though the clubs pulling away are finding it to be a little harder this year than we’ve seen in years past.

The dog days of summer are hitting some teams right now like bricks. Clubs are really counting down the summer transfer window almost to the seconds it will open next month.

1. New England Revolution (27 pts., same) – Two games and only a point this week. Not their best week so far but certainly not their worst. But at their midway point this season (Revs have played 15 games so far) you can easily say this is the best side in the league. You throw in a healthy Taylor Twellman and this club has very little need to make any sort of moves next month.

2. LA Galaxy (21 pts., same) – Almost dropped this club but then I thought about their offense. Good lord, they haven’t played 15 games yet and they nearly already have two 10 goal scorers on their roster. Their defense and lack of effort in their defensive third still bothers the heck out of me though.

3. Toronto FC (21 pts., same) – Perfect at home. Still waiting to see if they can put it together on the road though. Until then they may remain at or below this point. That is unless they make a move or two that makes me think otherwise. I suppose they are holding out for a Justin Mapp or a Chris Rofle from Chicago in the Brian McBride deal.

4. Columbus Crew (23 pts., same) – Thought about moving this club up after their come from behind (twice) draw in LA. I decided to keep them here for now to show me that this two game road trip wasn’t just a fluke and that they really are a contender here in the east. I think they are but I just need a little reassurance going into July with this club.

5. DC United (19 pts., up 2) – Perfect in June, just wonder if this is the start of a big run to the top or if they will remain level around this point once SuperLiga and those extra games start up. I love what I’ve seen out of this club as of late but there is concern with some holes in defense. Probably just a  couple of moves that Kevin Payne can handle in the coming weeks.

6. Chicago Fire (19 pts., down 1) – That crashing sound is the Chicago Fire. I think they need to just suck it up with Toronto and trade whatever TFC is asking for away to get McBride on their roster. Obviously they need something and that is what McBride brings, clinical finishing. Also, how does Chad Barrett get a US National team call up after that game against Chivas? Wow, impressive.

6. Houston Dynamo (18 pts., same) – I didn’t want to place the Dynamo above the Fire or below them for some reason. Solid draw on the road, just not lucky enough to beat the two posts or Preston Burpo. Still have to say that this club has one of the best defenses in the league right now though. Not too many clubs are going to get more than one by them right now.

8. Chivas USA (17 pts., up 1) – And this club is showing signs of life yet again. And signs of good health. A very good time to get healthy as the west is still for the taking.

9. Real Salt Lake (19 pts., up 3) – I woke up this morning and realized something. RSL is in sixth place in the league and is another win away from a winning record for the first time in their short history. I’m listening RSL, I’m listening. Keep the consistency up here.

10. New York Red Bulls (19 pts., up 1) – I wonder how this club would be with a healthy Claudio Reyna and a healthy Juan Pablo Angel. Ah, probably not too much better than what we are seeing right now. They are in the thick of things but I honestly wonder for how long.

11. FC Dallas (16 pts., down 3) – Rough start to the Schellas Hyndman era. He took a club that was playing some decent offense in recent weeks and made them into a club that wouldn’t shoot the ball. A lot of growing pains are going to go on with this club. Don’t expect too much better from here out right now.

12. Colorado Rapids (16 pts., down 2) – News flash, the Rapids have the second most losses of any MLS club this season. Yeah, the club below them was expected to be there. Will they get rid of Fernando Clavijo already? I guess progress to them is a step forward and three back.

13. Kansas City Wizards (13 pts., same) – Stuck in the mud and has forgotten what it was like to win a game. We all thought Claudio Lopez was the savor for this club’s offense but that hasn’t proved to be the case. He has little help and this club really looks no better than the club below them.

14. San Jose Earthquakes (11 pts., same) – No shock here. But I had a thought about their offense, I wonder had Kai Kamera not been called up for World Cup qualifying, would this club be doing any better? I think so, I do. Would that translate into some wins? Maybe, but he would have at least provided some sparks up top that this club has lacked.

  • Cannon Girl

    The season's not over — GO QUAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cannon Girl

    The season’s not over — GO QUAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!